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choice, seconded by industry and conscientiousness, will win and bring its sure reward. FEDERAL QUARANTINE AND SANITATION. The coming summer can hardly fail to bring yel- low fever again to our shores; in feet, considering the turbulent times at, and within, our borders we can hardly expect to escape an epidemic unless early and extraordinary precautions generic zyban nline are taken. A rigid watch must zyban generic buprpin be kept on favorable points of ingress and modern sanitation must be enforced in all our South- ern cities. Unfortunately civic cleanliness still de- pends upon local enlightenment and legislation and its importance is often realized only after many epi- demics, entailing vast losses of life and property. Local ignorance, neglect, or parsimony therefore still leave wide breaches in the strongest bulwark against alien disease. The most we can do is to en- act and put in operation laws looking to a prompt and efficient quarantine, and a uniform management of an epidemic should it prevail. It evidently was with this necessity in mind that Mr. Hepburn introduced in the House of Represent- atives a bill "amending an act granting additional quarantine powers and imposing additional duties upon the Marine -Hospital Service. 1 zyban sr 150 mg tablet ' In the emer- gency confronting us we must have prompt and ex- pert assistance, and that we can only get from the Marine-Hospital Service. We must have also au- thoritative and uniform management of affairs in case yellow fever invades generic zyban our country and that is possible only by Federal interference. The bill in question endows the Treasury Department with power in times of hw much des zyban cst in australia epidemic to formulate and enforce rules which shall be of national scope and shall be preeminent over all local quarantine regulations. It is in this way alone that uniformity can be attained and uni- formity is essential to justice and public safety. It is only necessary for a measure like this to be proposed when opposition immediately crops out on the ground of the interference with State rights. The opponents of such a law on such grounds should be asked whether they carry their ideas to the ex- tent of allowing States to become hw much des zyban cst in canada centers of in- fection or public nuisances from the interference with traffic. The urgency is now too great to allow of creating a Department of Health even if it were desirable and the medical profession can do no better work in this direction than to exert its influence in favor of Mr. Hepburn's bill, known as House buy cheap zyban nline Bill No. 4363. Digitized by Google 66o ECHOES AND NEWS. [Medical News ECHOES AND NEWS. Issuing of Marriage nn-prescriptin zyban Licenses. — There has been a bill in- troduced zyban (buprpin) 150 mg in the Maryland Legislature regarding the pro- hibition of marriage licenses to any one suffering from insanity, dipsomania, syphilis, or tuberculosis. The American Surgical Association; rder zyban n prescriptin A Correction. — Dr. Claudius H. Masten desires to have it announced that the published report that he had been elected second vice- president zyban 150 mg bula of this Association for the coming year is incor- rect. Dr. Solon Marx is the second vice-president. Dainties for Dewey's Wounded. — The Surgeon-General of the Navy has sent one hundred dollars to the Navy Pay Office at generic zyban cst San Francisco to purchase clam-juice, lemons, beef extract, and jellies buy zyban nline canada to be sent to the sick and wounded of Admiral Dewey's fleet. The money was contributed by the National Relief Association of the National Society of Colonial Dames of America. Meeting of the American Oaotro-Entero/ogicaf Association. — At the annual session of this Association, held at Wash- ington, D. C, May 3. 1898, the following officers were elected : President, D. D. Stewart, Philadelphia ; first vice-president, Max Einhorn, New York ; second vice- president, John C. Hemmeter, Baltimore ; secretary and treasurer, Charles D. Aaron, Detroit. Meteorological Conditions of hw much des zyban cst in ntari the Klondike Region. — Some interesting observations on the climate have been made in regard to the Klondike region, particularly at Dawson between August, 1895, and November, 1896. . From December 1, 1895 to February 1, 1896, the temperature fell below zero every day. July was the only month in which the mercury did not zyban 150 mg 60 tablet kullan sink below freezing. The Marine Biologic Institute of the University of Penn- sylvania. — This institution will be opened during the sum- mer, after being closed for five years. It is situated on the shores of Ludlam's Bay, at Sea Isle, N. J. The laboratory will be buy zyban nline uk in charge of Dr. Milton zyban nline n prescriptin J. Greenman of the university. The intention is to build a floating house-boat of some extent for the accommodation of the students. The Hospital-Ship "Solace." — The Surgeon-General of the Navy, Dr. Van Reypen announces that the hospital- ship "Solace" is at Key West and that her splendid equip- ment is ready to give every care to the wounded. Aside from the zyban nline australia "Solace, " the Navy has at Key West a temporary d yu need a prescriptin fr zyban

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