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The greatest English soldier and commander of modern times said that the most essential thing for a soldier is a good pair of boots, and the second most essential thing is a second pair of boots. Every one who has had any experience with marching troops will be likely to agree with this immortal. Now that 125,000 of our National Guardsmen, from all walks and stations of life, have been mustered into the regular service, it behooves the commissary depart- ment of the army and its various agencies to use supreme vigilance, precaution, and wisdom in zoloft 300 mg a day pro- viding suitable footwear for this vast number of prac- tically raw recruits. It probably does not overshoot the mark to say that eighty per cent, of the men who have enlisted are improperly shod on entering service. And if the commissary department is not in possession of prop- erly accredited and well-advised purchasing agents, these soldiers are likely to cheap zoloft no prescription be seriously handicapped zoloft price comparison and many of them made useless as implements of war when they come to be landed in Cuba or the Philippines, where they will be subjected to does zoloft have street value tests of unaccustomed climate and soil. The quartermasters of companies should therefore bear in mind in at- tending to the shoeing of their troops that they are not dealing with the normal foot in the vast majority of cases. This is the first obstacle to contend with. The second is the zoloft street value vanity of man concerning his feet, even though he be a soldier. The absolute requisites in a shoe for marching are that it be comfortable and enduring; that is, that it be made on the right kind of a last from the proper material, and that it be properly and firmly put to- gether. The essential elements of the first are that it have a straight inside line; that the sole lie flat or nearly flat upon the ground; that the arch be firmly and solidly supported; that the shoe fit snugly around the heel and the instep, and finally, in order that the pressure may be equally distributed, that there be sufficient room for the unhampered play of each pedal articulation when the weight of the body is successively thrown upon it. Unless the shoe fulfils these indications it should be discarded. The sole should project beyond the upper so as to give firm support to the foot when it is fully expanded under the combined influence of the weight of the body and the resultant muscular relaxation generic zoloft sale of fatigue; and it should be composed of solid double sole, not paper or leather packing sandwiched between two thin pieces of leather zoloft 100 mg street value which unfortunately is often found. The uppers should be of stout, yet pliable, thoroughly seasoned hide, double stitched, and by proper dress- ing made impervious to moisture. If these details are insisted upon more will be done toward con- tributing to the capacity of the soldier generic zoloft online than by the most elaborate system of acclimatization. It is more necessary to make Mulvaney immune to fatigue than it is to make him immune to fevers; by accomplish- ing buy zoloft online canada the former you encompass the latter. buy generic zoloft online no prescription A properly clad, well-fed American soldier is well prepared to give battle to the Cuban germ and the Spanish parasite, but he expects his Government and its officers to provide him with the most approved im- plements of war and accoutrement. It is the poorest sort of economy to grudge a few cents on a i took 300 mg of zoloft pair of shoes, especially in the light of what has just been said. Yet this is what the quartermaster's department has set out to do, if we may give credence zoloft 300 mg per day to the reports in the daily press. In response to an invitation for estimates for 25,000 pairs of shoes, Chicago manu- facturers offered zoloft online order to furnish zoloft 300 mg daily army footgear at prices varying from 90 cents to $2 per pair. It is not at Digitized by VjOOQLC 658 A WORD TO MEDICAL GRADUATES. [Medical Newi all improbable that the latter figure embraces the cost of manufacture plus a fair profit for shoes that will meet all the requirements mentioned above, while it is just as certain that any figure very much below it does not do so. This is not the time to be cent wise and dollar foolish. A few cents extra expended on a pair of boots may mean a live, fighting soldier in time ot pressure and of need, while a 90-cent pair will be very sure to be found bound in tatters on a lamed or dying sacrifice. A WORD TO MEDICAL GRADUATES. The zoloft online pharmacy no prescription tendency buy generic zoloft online to specialization in every depart- ment of life is patent to all, but to none is it more evident than to the bright, wide-awake young med- ical graduate who has just finished generic zoloft online pharmacy no prescription his college work, and is about to step out into active life. He has al- ready noticed in medicine the pressure of competi- tion, the over-crowding in many places, and the diffi- does zoloft come 150 mg tablets culty of securing a foothold, to say nothing of a decent livelihood, much less recognition and fame. A spe- cialist seems to have a better chance in every way. There are not so many of them, they command higher street value zoloft 100mg remuneration, they sooner come into public notice and become famous. It is not to be won- dered at then that so many of our graduates are de- ciding to be specialists. In this way is most hope of a living, and perhaps fame. And, let us be fair, there is also the fact that there is so much to learn in each department of medicine, that to be able to concentrate all the thought and effort upon one subject strengthens one's confidence in himself, and kindles the hope that he surely can master that one subject. It therefore appeals to him not only

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