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Cardenas (Dr. Menvial). — Twenty five thousand in- habitants; has two classes of water-supply: from wells which are almost all contaminated, and from the town's reservoir, supplied by a spring, but this spring-water is heavy and voltaren topical very sedimentous or incrustant, and is but slightly palatable. Many people there drink rain-water. Malarial locality in autumn; dysenteric in sum- mer. Yellow fever voltaren in canada prevails there every year from June to October. Many cases of diphtheria and sore throat in dry season voltaren xr 100 mg on account of the dust. Digitized by VjOOQLC 654 SANITARY NOTES. [Medical Nb The soil is very permeable and the voltaren for sale material of the macadam is very fragile. In time of grippe, this disease spreads very rapidly, because the dust forms clouds throughout the whole town. Recreo. — Situated voltaren ec fifteen southeast of Cardenas; has four or five thousand inhabitants; low and red earth; paludic region; dysenteric in summer; no yellow fever except when imported; all the zone between the two places is very low, marshy, and swampy; somewhat malarial; travel almost imprac- ticable by horses. San Anton River and what is called the "Canal of San Anton M voltaren sr 75 mg tablet (by which the inundation generic for voltaren of " generic name for voltaren El Roque " empties its waters into the bay of Cardenas) are the water-channels of this district. Hato Muevo. — Situated about fifteen miles east northeast of Recreo; has two thousand inhabitants. A range of uninterrupted mountains, fifteen miles long, divides this section of country into two zones; one in the southern part, higher, has many wells; some of them of good quality as to their water, voltaren generic name and about ninety feet deep; with- out rivers voltaren ec 75 mg in all the extension of this zone The northern part, in which is situated Hato Muevo, is supplied from wells whose water is contaminated; these wells become filled up voltaren xr 100 with water, usually in the summer season after heavy rainfalls. We have in this northern zone, malaria and dysentery, but never yellow fever. That part of the zone south of Cardenas is deprived of rivers and we have very few springs. The Cuban physician furnishing this informa- tion on Matanzas Province has practised medicine for nine years in the zones above-mentioned voltaren xr 100mg and extending from Cardenas to Colon, and is there- fore, well qualified to speak ex cathedra. PINAR DEL RIO PROVINCE. City of Pinar del Rio, Consolation del Sur,Pa%o Real de voltaren sr 100mg San Diego, Palacios, San Cristobal, Candelaria. — Yellow fever only when imported; water good. All these cities are located in the southern plains of the voltaren 50mg diclofenac province; more or less malarial localities. Catenas, Bahia Honda, and Mariel. — On the south shore; are very malarial; no yellow fever. All small localities in the voltaren in usa hills are quite healthful and well supplied with good water. SANTA CLARA PROVINCE. The territory of " Sancti voltaren 75 sr Spiritus," located in the central and southern part of Cuba, is very abundant in spring water, of excellent quality for drinking- purposes. One can rest assured that within a cir- cumference of four miles in the greater part of this territory, a stream of water can be found. The ter- ritory forms an inclined plane that gradually rises from the southern coast with an occasional abrupt- ness. It extends from southeast to northwest, forty- eight miles; from northeast to southwest, seventy- eight miles; from north to south, voltaren 100 mg retard sixty miles. The principal city, Sancti Spiritus, with fourteen thousand inhabitants, is thirty-six miles from Tunas de Laza, the port of entry, and is 570 feet above the level of the sea. A railroad runs between these two places, making four different stops voltaren ec tablets 50mg on the road at as many villages. Tunas de Laza, the port of entry, has only rain- water, but the railroad crosses one river and five streams of very good drinking-water. The city (Sancti Spiritus) is divided by the Ya- yabo River, and its water is supplied to the inhabi- tants through iron pipes; there is also a small stream to the east of the city; one mile east and west of the same city there are found two other streams; all of these streams have very good water. Leaving the city of Sancti Spiritus at any point of the compass, about every four miles good and abundant water can be found in all this territory. This section of country continues rising toward the north and more so toward the west, terminating in mountains, some of which rise about 9000 voltaren rapid 25mg feet, giving rise to many streams. The principal rivers are: The Laza, navigable twenty-one miles; traverses the whole territory % from north to south; its waters are good up to six miles south of the city of Sancti Spiritus. The Jatibonico del Norte and Jatibonico del Sur

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