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The right lateral portion of the fundus of the bladder was found adherent to the structures in the neighborhood of the cecum, vermox tablets forming a deep pouch, from the bottom of which fecal matter in small quantities was forced during the manipulation incident to the examination. No neoplasm was present. Owing to the feeble condition of the patient the abdomen was not opened. The vermox for worms patient gained rapidly in strength, but de- clined further operative interference. He was dis- charged from the hospital several weeks from the time of the operation, wearing a Bolton Bangs' su- prapubic drainage-tube. His family physician has since reported to me that the suprapubic opening has healed, and that the patient is free vermox otc mebendazole vermox from all vermox australia traces of his former difficulty. It would seem as if there could be no reasonable doubt that this case was originally one of appendi- citis, and that the fecal communication between the bladder and intestine resulted from a rupture of an appendical abscess, either into both the bowel and the urinary viscus, or into the latter alone. vermox oral suspension In the latter case the communication occurred with the ce- cum as a result of the restoration of the patency of vermox for sale the appendix following the subsidence of the inflam- matory condition. WAR ARTICLES. SANITARY NOTES UPON THE PROVINCES OF PINAR DEL RtO, HAVANA, M ATANZAS, AND SANTA CLARA.' By HENRY I. RAYMOND, M.D., CAPTAIN AND ASSIST AWT 8U&GRON, UNITED STATES ARMY, vermox suspension STA- TIONED AT CAMP TAMPA HEIGHTS, FLORIDA. Through the courtesy of the Chief Surgeon of the Second Independent Division of United States troops in the field I am enabled to present to the readers of the Medical News a full and reliable re- port, submitted by S. Cueroo, M.D., a Cuban phy- sician of many years' professional experience in that country, upon the water-supplies and the healthful or infected conditions of all important towns or lo- calities throughout the four most westerly provinces of the Island of Cuba. The report by Dr. Cueroo is so succinct and im- portant for our practical guidance in the event of the occupation of Cuba by United States troops, that I present it without abridgment. » The facts herein vermox syrup contained are based upon the personal vermox worms knowl- edge and^experience of Cuban physicians. HAVANA PROVINCE. Havana. — All kinds of infectious diseases. Water- supply contaminated. Marianao. — Yellow fever, when imported; good supply of water. Guanabacoa. — Same conditions; good water. Guines. — Yellow fever, when imported; malaria; bad water. Jaruco. — No yellow fever; good water. Alguizar. — No generic vermox yellow fever; malaria; good water from wells. San Antonio de los Banos. — buy vermox Yellow fever, when im- ported; springs and river water good. Guanajay. — Yellow fever, when imported; malaria; good well water. Bepical. — No yellow fever; good well-water. Guincan. — No yellow fever; good well -water. Santa Maria Bosano. — Very healthful city; no yel- low fever; springs and good well-water. Santiago de las Vegas. — Healthful city; deep wells; good. Guira de Melena. — No yellow fever; malaria; well- water. Batabano (south shore). purchase vermox — Very unhealthful; yellow fever, malaria, and typhoid fever; very bad water. Aguacati. — Healthful place; well-water. Madruga. — Very healthful locality; very good water; sulphur springs. Nueva Par and San Felipe. — No yellow fever; well- water. Guava, Castatina, Melena del Sur, Hoyo Colorado, Cannito, Guayabal, Guatao, Wajay. vermox tablet — No yellow fever; malaria; well-water. Bauioa. order vermox — No yellow fever; vermox online healthful place; well- water. MATANZAS PROVINCE. Matanzas City. — Yellow fever and all kind of vermox price infec- tious diseases. Contaminated water. vermox for children Union de vermox 100mg Reyes. — No yellow fever; well-water. Suba Mocha. — Healthful locality; deep wells; good water. Sabonitta. — No yellow fever; malaria; well-water.

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