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exposed to a temperature of 39 C. (100.2 F.) for about three hours or until dry. A second was exposed in the wet condition and the third reserved for direct use as a control. After exposure bouillon was added to each of the dishes, the material was thoroughly rubbed up and injected intraperitoneally into guinea-pigs. The control guinea-pig died within twenty- four hours as a result of diplococcus infection. The guinea-pig that received the dried material likewise died of diplococcus infection within less than three days; whereas, the guinea-pig that received the ma- terial which was exposed in a wet condition survived without the slightest illness, but when killed three weeks later it showed small tuberculous iiodules in which tubercle bacilli were demonstrated. These results show that in a dried layer of sputum the micrococci of sputum septicemia (Frankel's di- plococcus) will survive exposure to formaldehyd and undoubtedly this is likewise true of the tubercle bacillus since it possesses ciprofloxacin tinidazole in general a greater resistance than these organisms. In moist material the diplococci are killed more readily than tubercle bacilli. The latter undoubtedly ofloxacin tinidazole escaped destruction owing to the large amount of material used (3 c. c.) and the presence tinidazole giardia of more or less solid particles. Experiment C. — This experiment is given as a crucial test of the value of the formalin-distillation method. The large laboratory- room was employed for this purpose. The dimensions of this room are 36^x36^x12^ feet. It contains therefore 17,334 cubic feet (490.84 cm.). The room has seven large windows and two doors; also, six or eight ventilating- shafts ciprofloxacin and tinidazole which unite into a main shaft in the attic. Large cracks extended around the entire edge of the ceiling. The ventilating- and cold-air shafts were plugged with bundles of old cloth. The cracks in the ceiling, about the edge of the floor, windows, and doors were caulked with strips of cloth. On norfloxacin and tinidazole the basis of 60 grams of pure formaldehyd per 1000 cubic feet, 2600 c.c. of the 40-percent, form- alin solution was necessary for the disinfection of this room. This amount could not be added all at once to the generic tinidazole apparatus which was employed and will presently be described. One liter of the solution was placed in the apparatus and in purchase tinidazole online order tinidazole about three - fourths of an hour a second liter was added, and Digitized by Google 650 DISINFECTION OF ROOMS. [Medical News after a like interval the remaining quantity was in- troduced. A little over three hours was necessary to distil this amount of formalin. Attention may be called to the great advantage of this apparatus over the so-called formalin lamps, or even the para- form apparatus. The same apparatus will do for large or small rooms. If all the formalin necessary for disinfection cannot be at once added, it can be introduced in portions during the process itself. The specimens were placed at the further end of the room. A complete set of dry specimens order tinidazole online and in addition wet specimens of spore material were ex- posed. At the end of twenty hours when the room was entered the formalin vapors were intolerable, and at no time were they noticeable in the adjoining tinidazole tablets rooms. As shown in Table IV., C, all the wet-spore speci- mens were disinfected. Of tinidazole norfloxacin the 108 dry specimens 67 survived exposure. The fine dust taken from tinidazole tablets 500mg the floor at the farther end of the room was sterile. The dust on the top of the cases in the room had ap- parently ciprofloxacin and tinidazole tablets lain there for a year or more. A consider- able amount of this could easily be gathered by means of a sterile spatula. Portions of dust, the size of a small pea, placed in bouillon showed no sign of growth for the first couple of days, eventually how- ever a "potato bacillus' ' developed. Practically therefore all surface dust in the room, and a large portion of the specimens tinidazole tindamax exposed were disinfected. Experiment D. — One hundred and fifty cubic centimeters of formalin solution was distilled as rapidly as possible (within ten minutes) into the dis- infecting room of 1000 cubic feet capacity. The formalin vapors were allowed to act during ten hours. The room was then opened. The vapors were tinidazole vs metronidazole pres- ent in such amount as to be insupportable. The tem- perature ranged from 20 to 22 C. (6o.7°-7o.i° F.). Both buy cheap tinidazole dry and wet specimens were exposed. The con- trol-tests given under C are also applicable to D since both tests were made at the same time and with the same material. Of the wet specimens only four survived. Three of these were cover-glass preparations, and one a silk thread. They undoubtedly dried out before the gas fasigyn tinidazole had acted a sufficient length of time. Of the 108 dry specimens only fifty tinidazole online survived. This it will be seen is the best result obtained in this series of experiments. By rapid formalin distillation it is, therefore, pos- sible to disinfect all wet material within ten hours. Possibly one-half this time is sufficient for the ac- complishment of the same result. Dried specimens of the germs of buy tinidazole cholera, diphtheria, glanders, ty- phoid fever, black plague, and pneumonia, were all destroyed in the same time.

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