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13 13 95 89 40 39 55 53 » See footnote to Table I. the distillation of the ordinary forty-per-cent. solu- tion buy prozac uk of buy prozac online no prescription canada formalin. One hundred and fifty cubic centi- meters of formalin solution (5^ fl. oz.), containing therefore 60 grams (2 oz.) of formaldehyd,were placed in a one-and-one- half-liter flask, and ten per cent, of sodium prozac price per pill chlorid was added to buy prozac online no prescription prevent polymerization. Subsequent experiments showed that the addition of the sodium chlorid was unnecessary. prozac cost per pill The flask was provided with a rubber stopper and a buy prozac canada bent glass tube, which was inserted into the room through the key- hole. The generic prozac price contents of the flask were then heated to boiling by means of a Bunsen burner. In about fifty minutes the prozac purchase uk liquid was completely evaporated, and at no time was there a sign of polymerization. At the end prozac price without insurance of twenty hours, when the room was opened, the formalin vapors were intolerable. Table III. combines the results buy generic prozac no prescription obtained in four separate experiments. The first ten organisms were tried first in order to prozac discount coupons test the efficiency of the method. Subsequently suspensions of the other or- ganisms were prepared and tested in a similar man- ner. These suspensions, as stated in the beginning, were very rich in bacteria. It should be understood that they were different from those employed in the Tables I. and II. In the first set, 150 generic prozac no prescription c.c. of formalin solution, rep- resenting 60 grams of pure formaldehyd, were dis- tilled as rapidly as possible. In the second set double this amount was used, corresponding prozac price ireland to 120 grams buy prozac online no prescription needed of pure formaldehyd. The distillation in this case was carried on at a slow rate, requiring about three hours to evaporate almost to dryness. It may be incidentally added that the formalin solutions em- ployed were examined quantitatively and found to contain 39.7 per cent of formaldehyd. The tem- perature in the room during the first set ranged from 1 7 to 24 C. (60. 2 t0 75°F.); whereas, in discount prozac the sec- ond set, it ranged from 20 to 29 C. (67 to 80.4 F.). As a result of the slow distillation many of the cover-glass preparations and silk threads dried out be- fore enough formalin was present in the room, and hence acquired the resistance of dried specimens. This experiment is purchase prozac intended to show the importance of having the object to be disinfected in a wet con- dition and of rapid distillation of prozac cost uk formalin. Al- though twice as much formalin was distilled as in the first set, yet the results were decidedly inferior, owing to the reason just given. When the formalin is rapidly distilled the results are in no wise inferior to those obtained with para- generic prozac form. THIN SUSPENSIONS. The first three tables contain the results obtained with thick suspensions prepared in the purchase generic prozac manner de- uigitized by "UVJ' le 648 DISINFECTION OF ROOMS. [Medical News Table IV.— Thin Suspensions.

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