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77 54 I 83 5' I 80 54 51 1 See footnote to Table I. Digitized by Google 646 DISINFECTION OF ROOMS. [Medical News formaldehyd is a polymerized formaldehyd. On gen- tle heating it breaks up and regenerates formaldehyd. The gas thus produced will remain in this condition if moisture is present in the atmosphere. In the ab- sence of moisture the gaseous formaldehyd will re- polymerize and hence will cease to be effective as a disinfectant. With Schering's disinfector it is main- tained order premarin online that sufficient water is formed by the burning alcohol to prevent this repolymerization. Owing to the great solubility of formaldehyd large vessels of water should not be kept in the room to be disin- fected. When water is thus kept in the room scarcely any odor of formalin will remain in the room at the end of twenty hours, whereas in the absence of such water the odor purchase premarin online at the buy conjugated estrogens end of the time men- tioned will be intolerable. In the tabulated experi- ments with paraform and with formalin no vessels of water were allowed in the room. The maximum and minimum thermometer in the room indicated a temperature of 2 3 to 27 C. (72. 4 to 80. 6° F.) in the experiment with 60 grams (2 oz.) of paraform, and a temperature of 19 to 28 C. (66.2 to 82. 4 F.) in the experiments with premarin tablets 120 grams (4 oz.) of paraform. Sixty grams of paraform for 1016 cubic feet cor- responds to a little over 2 buy cheap premarin grams per cubic buy premarin meter of air space. One hundred and twenty grams of para- form, therefore, represents a little over 4 grams per cubic meter. Two hundred to 300 cubic centi- meters of alcohol were used in order to volatilize the paraform. As stated under sulphur fumigation, the same sus- pensions were used for the tabulated paraform and sulphur experiments. From these suspensions, kept at the temperature of melting ice, the necessary silk thread, muslin square, and cover-glass specimens were prepared each day in the manner already de- scribed. The exposed specimens were, as a rule, trans- ferred directly to bouillon. In some cases they were previously washed with dilute sterile ammonium hy- drate in order to neutralize any trace of disinfectant, but the results were in no wise different from those obtained with premarin price unwashed specimens. A study of Table II. will cheap premarin show the same difference between wet and dry specimens as has been pointed out under sulphur. There is this striking difference, premarin online however, that wet spore material is thoroughly dis- infected with formaldehyd, whereas such material is not affected by sulphur. Formaldehyd is, there- fore, a more energetic disinfectant. purchase premarin Practically all of buy conjugated estrogens online the wet specimens were destroyed. It will be noticed, however, that order premarin 120 grams of para- form do not possess a greater action than buy premarin online 60 grams. Indeed, the results were not so good. It is possible that several of the wet specimens dried out before sufficient formalin was generated, and hence they acquired the resistance of dried specimens. As might be expected the cover-glass preparations would be the first to dry out, the silk thread next, and last of all the muslin squares. Of the nine pos- itive growths seven generic conjugated estrogens were from cover-glasses and two from silk threads. In the first set all three of the survivals of the wet set were cover-glass preparations. It will be further noticed that the weak disease- producing organisms, such as the germs of cholera, black plague, glanders, diphtheria, etc., are nearly all destroyed even in premarin cost the dry state. Tubercle ba- cilli when in a wet condition are readily destroyed by formaldehyd vapors. Here, as in the case of spore destruction, is seen the superiority of formaldehyd vapor over sulphur fumes. The experiment in dis- infection of tuberculous sputum has been described in connection with the sulphur experiments. premarin mg The results obtained with Schering's disinfector may be briefly summarized as follows: Sixty grams of paraform pastils per 1000 cubic feet of space are sufficient to destroy within twenty hours all organisms regardless of whether they are present as spore or vegetating forms, provided they are wet. It is not sufficient to inject steam into the room. At least steam generated from one liter of water and generic premarin injected into the room containing dry

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