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in the case of the sulphur experiments there were no dishes of water in the room. At the close of the disinfection period the tops were rapidly replaced and the dishes then taken out of the room. Each specimen was transferred to a tube of bouillon. A sterile forcep was used for is there a generic nexium each specimen. The fifteen tubes of each anaerobic set when will nexium become generic were placed together in a Novy bottle, and hydro- gen was passed through for from one to two hours. generic for nexium 40 mg All the bouillon tubes thus inoculated were exposed to a temperature of 35 ° C. (95 ° F.) for from five to seven days, when they were examined and the results noted. As a result of careful, rapid work contamina- tions were exceedingly rare. Frequently an entire set of two or three hundred tubes would not show a single contamination. In generic name for nexium the tables "-j- M indicates that a growth had formed; on the other hand, "O" indicates that the tube remained sterile. It should be nexium dosage 80 mg stated that fre- quently the growth when present was very slight, showing that marked attenuation of the germ had occurred as a result of the exposure. The generic equivalent of nexium speci- mens were invariably exposed in duplicate. Another set was kept in a cool, dark place for the same length of time as the exposed objects. These controls were then planted into bouillon at the same time as the exposed specimens. SULPHUR EXPERIMENTS. In these experiments the sulphur was placed in one or two iron water-baths on tripods which stood in shallow basins of water; 50 what is the generic for nexium c.c. (1^3 fl. oz.) or more of alcohol was added to each three-pound portion of sulphur, and then set on fire. The sulphur would burn three or four what is generic for nexium hours, and, as previously stated, some sulphur fumes would penetrate into the adjoin- ing room in spite of the generic form of nexium utmost precautions in clos- ing up openings. The time of exposure was twenty hours. At the end of this time what is the generic name for nexium the room was en- tered and the articles were removed. When but three pounds of sulphur was used order nexium samples the air in the room at the end of that period was irritating, but toler- able; whereas, with six pounds of sulphur it was well nigh insupportable. The glass dishes, especially when six pounds of sulphur was employed, were coated with a white film, due to finely divided sul- phur. On account of the presence of sulphurous acid the reaction of this deposit was intensely acid. A maximum and minimum thermometer was placed in the room during each experiment. In the generic brand for nexium experiment with three pounds of sulphur the tem- perature varied from 19 to 28 C. (66.2 ° to 82. 4 F.); while in that with six pounds it registered 16 to 29 C. (60.8 to 84. 2 F.). The is there a generic for nexium exposed objects, as a rule perfectly dry when taken out, were planted directly into bouillon. The Digitized by ioogle 644 DISINFECTION OF ROOMS. [Medical News amount of sulphur dioxid adherent to the specimens was not sufficient to act as an antiseptic and inhibit the growth of the organisms, if any life was present. The absence of such inhibiting action was ascer- tained by repeated and prolonged washing of the specimens of one set in slightly nexium 40 mg generic warmed sterile buy generic nexium water. No difference was observed between washed and unwashed specimens, and hence, in most of the experiments, the washing was omitted. The suspensions used for the exposures in Table I. were the same as those used in the paraform experi- ments (Table II.). In order to prevent growth and consequent alteration of the suspension, they were kept in a jar immersed in melting ice. does nexium have a generic The results given in Tables I. and II. are, therefore, strictly comparable, since they generic version of nexium were obtained with the same suspensions. An inspection of Table I. will show what sulphur fumigation is capable of doing. In the first place, it will be seen that the dry specimens, as compared with the wet ones, are much more resistant to de- struction. Furthermore, it will be seen that all the wet specimens were killed except those containing spores and tubercle bacilli. Sulphur, even in six- pound portions, cannot be used to destroy spores or tubercle bacilli. A comparison of this table with the one following will show that formaldehyd readily de- stroys wet. spores and tubercle bacilli, and this fact demonstrates the relative superiority of formalin over sulphur. In actual practice the physician is not called upon, however, to destroy spores. With the exception of the tubercle bacillus only vegetating, actively growing, and weak forms of bacteria have to be destroyed. It will be noticed that the micro- organisms of cholera, glanders, diphtheria, black- plague, and pneumonia are quite readily destroyed by sulphur. With reference to the cholera vibrio it should be noted that even the control-tubes fail to develop. This organism is extremely weak, and mere desicca- tion for twenty- four hours usually when does nexium go generic suffices to destroy it. The 80 mg nexium bacillus of black or bubonic plague is al- most as weak as the cholera vibrio. Six pounds of sulphur are somewhat more de-

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