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bacteria described by these men as the cause of yel- low fever. The psittacosis bacillus is the etiologic factor in a parrot disease which is apparently com- municable to man. The pus-producing bacteria are represented by the staphylococcus pyogenes aureus, streptococcus pyogenes and the bacillus of green pus. Sputum containing many tubercle bacilli was em- ployed in preference to pure cultures online lisinopril of this organism. The experiments lisinopril 5 mg with tubercle bacilli lisinopril 12.5 mg were not numerous but were very conclusive. After exposure in Esmarch dishes to the action lisinopril buy of the disinfectant the tuberculous material was rubbed up with sterile bouillon and injected intraperitoneally into guinea- pigs. Sterile silk threads, bits of muslin and cover- glasses were employed in these tests. The silk threads were lisinopril 20 about i l / 2 era. (^ inch) long. The bits of muslin were about 1 cm. ( vj inch) square. Cleaned cover- glasses 20 mm. square were cut into halves and sterilized. The letters S. M. and G. in the tables refer to silk, muslin, and cover-glasses re- spectively. The threads and muslin squares were thoroughly soaked in the bacterial suspension prepared as mentioned above. Care was taken to spread out each piece of muslin; eventually each piece was turned over so as to insure thorough soaking. The impregnated threads and muslins were then trans- ferred to sterile Esmarch dishes. The cover-glasses were smeared, on one side only, with a large loop full of the bacterial suspension. One set of specimens thus prepared was exposed during two and one-half to three hours at a 20 mg lisinopril tempera- , ture of 39 C. (102. 2 ° F.) to dry. In order to insure drying the tops of the Esmarch dishes were left slightly ajar. Occasionally a lisinopril 10 mg muslin would not be completely dry in this time, and hence, when ex- posed to the lisinopril 10 disinfectant, was in lisinopril 40 mg reality a moist speci- men, and as such would be readily disinfected. When dry the specimens were taken out of the incubator, and each piece of silk and muslin carefully loosened from the dish in order that the gas might act on all sides. The second set of specimens, in lisinopril 10mg order to prevent drying during the time that the first was undergoing desiccation, were placed in moist chambers. In spite of this precaution some specimens lisinopril 12.5 would become dry before the disinfectant had time to act, and in such cases the specimen became as resistant as order lisinopril a dry one. As might be expected, the cover-glass would Digitized by Google hctz 12.5 lisinopril If AT cheap lisinopril 21, 1898] DISINFECTION OF ROOMS. 643 be lisinopril 5 the first to dry, then the silk threads. When about to begin a disinfection both wet and dry sets were placed on a table in the room, and the tops of the Esmarch dishes were slipped to one side. The specimens were, lisinopril hctz 12.5 mg therefore, in open dishes. Except Table I.— Sulphur Disinfection. Amount used. Three pounds. Six pounds. lisinopril 20mg ! Condition. • 1 Q Wet. Control. Dry. Wet. u lisinopril hctz 20 i S. Anthrax. M. G. + + + + + + + +, + + + + purchase lisinopril

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