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it is true that a gaseous disinfectant possesses little penetrating power, that is to say, it will not go through several mattresses or bundles of blankets, it should be remembered that this a deficiency which can easily be remedied if the disinfector will prop- erly do his share of the work. Sulphur fumigation is extensively employed for the purpose of room disinfection. Many doubts have been cast upon its efficiency, largely, perhaps, be- cause it was expected to do too much. The causes of certain diseases, such as scarlet fever, measles, and smallpox, are still unknown, and it is purely gratu- itous to assume that because sulphur fumes do not kill anthrax spores and other resistant organisms they are of no value for disinfection in such dis- lexapro price generic eases as those mentioned above. The organisms which produce these diseases are probably as easily destroyed as those of cholera, diphtheria, and the black-plague. The Michigan State Board of Health, through its efficient secretary, Dr. Henry B. Baker, has always warmly advocated sulphur fumigation. When this method is properly applied there can be no doubt, as may be seen from the experiments to be related, of its efficiency in cheap lexapro alternative restricting the spread of certain infectious diseases. Within the past few years formaldehyd has at- tracted considerable attention as a disinfectant. Various forms of apparatus discount lexapro no prescription have been devised for its generation and employment. In view of the strong claims for this agent and the grave doubts cast upon the efficiency of sulphur dioxid, it was thought desir- able to make a comparative study of their usefulness. This investigation was average cost generic lexapro undertaken largely at the re- lexapro price per pill quest of the Michigan State Board of Health, and it is hoped that the results obtained will buy discount lexapro be directly useful to health-officers, physicians, etc., in this and other States. The report covers twenty-six distinct room -disinfection experiments. The number of speci- mens exposed to the action of disinfectants and then inoculated into culture-media exceeds 5000. It will be evident from these facts that the utmost care, re- gardless of time, was taken in order to insure prac- tical results. Digitized by Google 642 DISINFECTION OF ROOMS. [Medical News The room employed for all but one of these ex- periments was discount lexapro especially suitable for the object in view. It was designed as a disinfection-room at the time the laboratory was constructed and it was in- tended to have a capacity of cheap lexapro no prescription 1000 cubic feet. It really contains 1016 cubic feet (28.8 cubic meters). In order to make the room perfectly tight the cracks in the edge of the ceiling and in the corners of the room were filled with generic lexapro price drop plaster of Paris. The plaster ceiling and walls were then coated with calcimine and glue and finally given a coat of paint. It should be said that two of the walls were brick and these were not painted. The spaces between the plaster and wash-boards, door, and window-frames were caulked with putty, as were also the spaces around the door and window on the outside of the room. The ventilator and waste-pipe opening into the room were tightly plugged. During the disinfection the cracks about the door were securely closed by caulk- ing with strips of muslin. The room thus prepared was probably as gas-tight as possible. In the case of the formalin experiments there was no odor in the adjoining rooms, in which students were con- stantly at work. In lexapro discount program sulphur fumigations cheap lexapro canada the lexapro price comparison gas was at times noticeable in the adjoining room. This, it may be incidentally lexapro price mentioned, is one disadvantage of sulphur as compared with formaldehyd. The lat- ter does not tend to pass out of the room, unless, of course, gross cracks or openings exist; cheap lexapro online whereas, sul- phur dioxid will always find an opening be it ever so small. Where the adjoining rooms are inhabited, as in crowded tenement -houses, formaldehyd pos- sesses a distinct advantage over sulphur. Twenty different organisms were exposed to the action of prescription discount lexapro the disinfectant. The first six, as given in the tables, contained spores. These were the germs of anthrax, symptomatic anthrax, tetanus, and malig- nant edema, as well as the hay and potato bacillus. With the exception of the three anaerobic germs and the tubercle bacillus, the other discount lexapro coupons organisms, sixteen in number, get discount lexapro were grown on inclined agar at a tempera- ture of 39 C. (102. 2 F.). By means of a sterile pipette sterile bouillon (3 to 4 c.c), about one dram was added to each agar culture. The growth was thoroughly whipped up and then pipetted off into a sterile Esmarch dish. The suspensions thus ob- tained were exceedingly rich in bacteria. The spores of anthrax were very abundant and were obtained by growing the germs during several days on peptonless agar at a temperature of 39 C. (102. 2 F.). The cultures of the hay and potato bacilli were likewise several days old and rich in spores. The three anaerobic organisms, those of malignant edema, symptomatic anthrax, and tetanus were grown in glucose bouillon in hydrogen for five to six days. The sediment, consisting chiefly of spores, was carefully drawn off by means of discount lexapro card a sterile pipette with as little dilution as possible. The names Sanarelli and Havelburg discount lexapro online refer to the

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