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Camphors Ichthyol 01. amygdalae dulc. Ung. zinci oxidi • 3ss 3 iiss 3" 3v 3 iiss | iiiss. M. Sig. For external purchase levlen online use. Digitized by VjC )ogIe order levlen online THE MEDICAL NEWS A WEEKLY JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCE. Vol. LXXII. New York, Saturday, May 21, 1898. No. 21. ORIGINAL ARTICLES. THE DISINFECTION OF ROOMS. 1 By F. G. NOW, M.D., OP ANN ARBOR MICH.; MEMBER OP THB MICHIGAN STATE BOARD OP HEALTH; AND H. H. WAITE, A.B., OP ANN ARBOR, MICH.; INSTRUCTOR IN BACTERIOLOGY IN THB UNIVERSITY discount levlen OP MICHIGAN. The thorough disinfection of rooms and their con- tents, infected with disease -producing organisms, constitutes one of the chief means for the prevention of the spread of disease. The methods which buy levlen online aim to accomplish this result must stand the test of a thorough laboratory trial. levlen 28 It may be that the levlen online re- quirements exacted in the levlen ed tablets , laboratory are more se- vere levlen ed than those which occur in actual experience, and yet the results of experiment form the only safe guide as to the powers of any given agent. The laboratory can alone decide how much of the disin- fectant is to be used, the length of time it is to act, the influence of the presence or absence of moisture, and how the contents of the room are to be arranged in order to insure disinfection. It is not sufficient to pile tri levlen the bedding and clothing in one or more heaps upon the floor, to burn three or more pounds of sulphur during a few hours, and then assume that everything has been done that can be done. The proper disinfection of a room is a most delicate ex- periment and should be entered upon with full knowledge of the various conditions which levlen 21 are nec- essary to success. There is no chemic disinfectant which will invari- ably yield the same result regardless of the organ- ism to be acted upon and the surroundings or envi- ronment of that organism. Thus, while a mercuric- chlorid solution may destroy the generic levlen cholera vibrio within a few seconds, purchase levlen it does not follow that it will also de- stroy anthrax spores. Again, the anthrax spores in water suspension will be destroyed by this agent much more rapidly than if suspended in a highly albuminous fluid such as blood. These and similar conditions are equally true for gaseous disinfectants. A gase- ous disinfectant, even the most efficient, may fail simply because it is expected to accomplish too much. We may ridicule the attempt at disinfection of a privy-vault or cesspool by means of a few pounds 1 A report buy cheap levlen to the Michigan State Board of Health, buy levlen read at a meeting of the Michigan State Medical Society, held at Detroit, May 6, 1898. of copperas, although this is no more absurd than many a so-called room disinfection. This or that gaseous agent is said to lack the power of penetra- tion, levlen price and to cheap levlen order levlen be a mere "surface disinfectant. ' ' The latter property is an excellent one and constitutes about all that can be levlen cost expected of any gas. levlen ed tablet While

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