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tics of 24 cancers of the face, with 16 complete recoveries. . He exhibited lasix purchase several cases, one of a woman on whom an extensive radical operation had been done five years ago. They had removed the superior maxillary and malar bones, the eye, the zygoma, had chiseled away some bones of the orbit, and a portion of the temporal bone, as tablet lasix deep as the tympanum. The results were excellent. Professor Partsch of Breslau lasix order exhibited a patient in lasix 40mg whom he had made a temporary resection of the alveolar process, turning the flap back on the gum, and lasix furosemide afterward replacing it. lasix buy lasix mg Professor Garr£ spoke of resection of the esophagus in its upper part, and Dr. Rehn of Frankfort-on-the-Main of resection in the thoracic portion. In one case the latter had successfully gone in from behind, though the patient died a short time after. Dr. Kuttner of Tubingen reported two cases of syphilitic struma which bad been diagnosed malignant and operated on. Microscopical examination of the tumors and later symptoms made the diagnosis certain. Dr. Sprengel of Braunschweig exhibited the speci- mens of two cases in which coxitis had been diagnosed from the symptoms and skiagraphs. Post-mortem proved them to have been traumatic separation of the epiphyseal head. Dr. Hofmeister of Tubingen presented a number potassium lasix of lasix with potassium different Rontgen-ray photographs of a single normal pelvis, in which by moving the patient, or the apparatus, or both, during the procedure, almost every variety of deformity had been produced. Dr. Wilms of Leipsic described an apparatus by means lasix cheap of which the application of heat to inflamed joints could be regulated ; Dr. Krause of Altona a hot-air ap- paratus for the same purpose. Professor Duhrssen of Berlin buy lasix online advocated the employ- ment of steam to control hemorrhage. He said it was particularly efficient in cases of excessive menstruation. He demonstrated his apparatus. At the close of the Congress a vote of thanks was ex- tended to the President, Professor Trendelenburg, for the efficient and successful manner in which the proceedings had been conducted. After balloting, it was lasix to buy announced that Professor Hahn of Berlin was elected President for the ensuing year. therapeutic hints. To Control Vomiting Caused by Cancor of iv lasix the Stomach. — 8 Picrotoxin ) . Morphin hydrochlorat. ) ' * * Atrop. sulphat. . online lasix . . . gr. yi Aq. laurocerasi . . 3vi. M. Sig. Five to eight drops before meals. A aa 3i 3u. For Rhinitie. 5 Phenacetin Pulv. amyl Pulv. acacia* M. Sig. For insufflation several times a day. For lasix for Ana/ Pruritus with Hemorrhoids, — Q Ext. hamaraelidis lasix 40 mg fl. ... § i •aa . . l'\\ Ext. hamaraelidis fl. Ext. ergotae fl. Ext. hydrastis fl. Tinct. benzoini lasik lasix comp. Ac. carbolici Ol. olivae . m.v Si- M. Sig. For rectal injection, one or two ounces at 4 time, to be well shaken. Ointment lasix and potassium for Varicose U/cer. — lasix renal S Ac. carbolici Ac. borici

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