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and have undobtedly been seen hundreds of times before by previous observers, who have considered imitrex cost per pill that they had to do with a chance infection, or price imitrex without insurance with a faulty technic. The recent publication of Van Niessen's paper by Virchow in his Archives, and his call to price imitrex nasal spray St. Petersburg, as was noted some time ago, to work on syphilis in the Institute of Experimental Medicine there, gives his communication no ephemeral interest. Van imitrex cost canada Niessen claims to have suc- ceeded in producing syphilis-like lesions in swine, by the inoculation of specific infectious material, and announces a paper on the subject for the next congress. Dr. Keuhnan of Breslau claims that proteus is in- tensely pathogenic in human mucous membranes. Its etiological rdle in ulcerative enteritis and cystitis has long been suspected, and Dr. Kiihnan thinks that he can trace the deeply destructive processes that sometimes occur in oral and pharyngeal mucous membranes in the tonsils and base of the tongue to the same cause. He exhibited pic- tures of two such cases in which the protens had been found. For the proper study of retail price imitrex protens a imitrex generic form new technic will be needed, as its transplantation to the various media now used in bacteriology gives rise to morphologic changes which led to the description best price imitrex of as many varieties as there are media. The next session of the German Congress is to be held at Carlsbad in Bohemia. It has been the custom so far to hold the sessions every second year at Wiesbaden, and then on alternate years at Berlin, Leipsig. Munich, and Vienna. The change comes at the suggestion of Profes- sor Von Jaksch, and was voted unanimously. It imitrex available generic form is con- sidered to be an expression of protest on the part of Ger- man medical men against the progress of "Slavization" in Bohemia, and the favoring of any such process by the Government. Besides Van Niessen's paper on Syphilis, Professor Nothnagel of Vienna announces a communication "On Local Blood-Letting and So-called Local Counterirrita- tion. " THE GERMAN SOCIETY OF SURGERY. The Twenty-Seventh Congress, Held at Berlin, April ij t 14, 75, 16, 1898. [Specially Reported for The Medical Mews.] The Congress was conducted in buy imitrex online uk a most practical and scientific manner and was a complete success. Important subjects were taken up in succession and after two or three twenty-minute papers were read on each, they were discussed by the house generally. The first subject introduced was THE LATEST METHODS FOR THE buy imitrex nasal spray online IMPROVEMENT OF ASEPSIS. Professor Mikulicz of Breslau, who first introduced gloves in operations, opened the scientific work of the Congress by describing and exhibiting a new aid toward absolute asepsis. It is a mouth and nose mask made of gauze. It is simple and light and is held in place by wires extending over the ears after the fashion of specta- cles. He made a series of experiments with buy imitrex online canada and without the mask, talking, coughing, and sneezing before agar plates ; without the mask the buy cheap imitrex online plates always showed in- numerable colonies, under the protection of the mask the number was reduced to one or two, and sometimes even no colonies. He considers that like the gloves this or a similar mask will soon be indispensable to the surgeon. He never operates without it. He also announced that the gloves he now uses are no longer made simply of cloth, but of an impermeable substance, price imitrex or buy imitrex injection online if of cloth they are first rendered imper- meable. Dr. Perthes of Leipsic advocated gloves made of silk and rubber. They were not too thick, and so did not interfere with the sense of touch as did rubber gloves, and at the same time they had the advantage of imperme- ability. The only objection to them was that they are somewhat costly. Professor Doederlein of Tubingen was satisfied with the old methods and did not believe in changing them. He still thought he could sterilize his hands sufficiently for practical purposes. Yet he saw a distinct place in surgery for the gloves. In emergency cases such as sudden hem- orrhage when imitrex generic release date is there a generic form of imitrex time for sterilization of the hands was lim- ited he thought the gloves might be extremely useful. In the general discussion on gloves the majority seemed to advocate them, and all acknowledged their usefulness. When one member went so far as to thank Professor Mikulicz in the name of surgery for the discovery, from every part of imitrex generic no prescription the hall came cries of bravo! bravo! Professor Woelfler of Prague, who introduced rub- ber gloves to the profession, said that he was no longer wear- ing them, but had found a better substitute in buckskin gloves which were prepared by soaking several days in xylol. The Congress then took up the subject of BACTERIA AND imitrex cost us FRESH WOUNDS. Professor Frederick of Leipsic showed by experi- ments on animals that the infection of fresh wounds re- mains superficial for how much does imitrex cost at least 6 to 8 hours, but not much longer. He concluded therefore that the proper treat- Digitized by Google 638

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