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therapy of tabes must be carried out with the greatest re- gard to not overfatiguing the patient. Professor Petruschky demonstrated prepara- tions of STREPTOTHRIX HOMINIS. He has now found this for the second time under cir- cumstances which make him certain that it is pathogenic for the ibuprofen and motrin human race. He considers that it is the microbic cause of an affection which the common people in Dantzig call malaria, but in which Lave ran 's Plasmodium is not found. This disease is characterized by more respiratory symptoms"than are usual in ordinary malaria. Professor von Ziemssen has observed the same parasite in the sputum of certain ibuprofen mg pulmonary cases, where tuberculosis was suspected but no tubercle baciuT found. He too considers it ibuprofen use pathogenic. Dr. Schott of Nauheim demonstrated by Rontgen skiagrams, that the dilatation of the heart, which accom- panies disturbed compensation in ordinary valvular heart lesions, recedes under the use of properly graduated exer- cises with resistance. That the heart occupies less space in the thorax than before Professor von Ziemssen of Mu- nich had demonstrated a series of Rontgen skiagrams of various thoracic conditions Dr. Schott thought every one must use of ibuprofen admit. The results shown by the Rontgen method are only the same as those which careful percus- sion had demonstrated beforehand. Professors Muller of Marburg and Brieger of Berlin read specially prepared papers Friday morning on AUTO-INTOXICATION AND INTESTINAL ANTISEPSIS. Both agree that auto-intoxication is the result of chemical absorption, not of bacterial invasion, though this is the teaching of some prominent French clinicians. Ex- cept where there are coarse lesions of 600 ibuprofen the mucous mem- branes, the intestinal bacteria acetaminophen or ibuprofen cannot penetrate the in- testinal walls and enter the circulation. The ordinary saprophytic bacteria of the intestine play no important r61e ibuprofen acetaminophen in the production of the toxins, which are the result of chemical dissociations, when the intestinal contents stag- nate. In the urotoxic coefficient as an index of the toxins in the circulation, they have no confidence. Where so much liquid has to be injected into animals the isotonicity of the blood is disturbed and dose ibuprofen ibuprofen motrin the results are dose for ibuprofen absolutely of no value despite the faith of the Italians and French in the method. The toxins advil ibuprofen are excreted in the urine, and the only sure way to decide their presence and amount is careful analysis of the urine. Professor Ewald demonstrated a new amido-toxin that he had found in motrin is ibuprofen the urine in a case of acute intestinal auto-intoxication. As to intestinal antisepsis it is an illusion. The best way to treat acute intestinal autoin- toxication is by a purgative. If the absorption seems to take place from the stomach, then this should be washed out. Boas thought that enough attention has not been paid to the advil and ibuprofen urine in these cases of autointoxication. He has found it in a number of cases reduced as low as 300-400 c.cm. (20-27 ounces) in twenty-four hours. He con- siders prompt diuresis always indicated and think it fortunate that the best intestinal antiseptic (calomel) is also a good diuretic. Professor Matthes of Jena called attention to acetaminophen with ibuprofen the fact that the intestinal contents instead of being uniformly alkaline, as stated dose of ibuprofen by the text-books, is really amphoteric. To litmus and other reagents it gives an alkaline reaction, but is acid to still dosage for ibuprofen other reagents. This peculiarity of re- action is due to the presence of certain salts, especially ibuprofen and acetaminophen the phosphates, which are taken with the food. Dr. Jacob of Berlin encouraged by the success of the Quincke lumbar puncture as a means of diagnosis and Digitized by Google May 14, 1898] GERMAN SOCIETY OF SURGERY. 637 regretting that the hopes of its inventor, that it would be of therapeutic value, have not been fulfilled, has been try- ing to widen its use in therapeutics by the injection of medicaments into the subdural space, after the evacua- tion of some of the cerebrospinal fluid. Animals stand such injections very well and where they have been tried in severe cases in men, they have caused no untoward symptoms. Potassium iodid injected thus is eliminated in the urine in fifteen hours. Jacob considers that the method may be of great practical value in acute syphilitic processes in the cord or brain where it is important to get the immediate action of specific remedies in order to avoid lasting injury of delicate nervous structures. Dr. Van Niessen presented a demonstration of • BACTERIA IN SYPHILITIC LESIONS. In dosage ibuprofen primary sores, in the epiphyses of dosage of ibuprofen children with hered- itary syphilis, and in the blood of tertiary syphilitics, he has found various micro-organisms. These include espe- cially diplococci, staphylococci, and streptococci. He considers that the bacterial cause of syphilis is not unique, but that its various types are due to mixed infection. His microbes take the ordinary stains, notably, carbolfuchsin,

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