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tion of the sugar in the urine that is so serious, but it is that Nature, finding no use for it, treats it as a useless substance, and eliminates it. We are not improving mat- ters by giving her no further sugar to eliminate. There will be no glycosuria, but the nutrition will suffer. What we must do is find some form of sugar that Nature will use, though she has lost the faculty of making use of grape sugar. Professor von Jaksch himself has had some very encouraging results with carbohydrates of different molecular constitution from ordinary sugar. Arabinose- methyl pentose has been the most satisfactory so far. It may be obtained rather cheaply, and is very well borne by the system when other sugar is immediately excreted. Practically, all the disputants were agreed that saccharin was not the merely indifferent sweetening hoodia buy material that it has been represented to be. Dr. Bornstein found that it seriously disturbed the digestion, a very serious result in diabetics, on whose good digestion everything as re- gards prognosis depends. Boas had found it useful as a drug in abnormal fermentative processes in the intestine. Professor von Jaksch was very much opposed to its use, and was glad to have Boas speak directly of it as a drug. Its inhibitory action on abnormal fermentation had often extended itself to normal fermentative processes, on which digestion depends. He had seen not a little gastroin- testinal disturbance which he could attribute only to its use. The question of the effect of subcutaneous sugar in- jection as a means of nutrition in diabetes remains an open one. Gumpert of Jena has tried it, and with some encouraging results, but the inconveniences are sometimes great. Professor von Leube has tried it, but has given it up because the injections are painful, and it is im- possible to avoid infiltrations, and at times suppuration at the point of injection. In Leyden's clinic the results have been somewhat the same, but their experiments are not concluded. As to subcutaneous injections of nutritive material in general, olive oil is in use for the purpose at a number of clinics, and is giving very good satisfaction. Professor von Leube considers that it is beyond its experimental stage now, and is to be regarded as an acknowledged adjunct hoodia 57 to therapy. The importance of albuminuria in diabetic cases and its frequency was brought out by Dr. Grube of Neuen- ahr. Between thirty-five and forty per cent, of all dia- betics have albumin in their urine. In most of these cases it is merely a functional kidney disturbance, due to the ex- cessive sugar secretion, but this functional disturbance may easily go on to degeneration, the tubules may show signs of glycogenic degeneration, and finally chronic parenchyma- tous, or more rarely interstitial nephritis may develop. The necessity for prophylaxis in the matter by having the food Digitized by Google 6 3 6 SIXTEENTH ANNUAL GERMAN CONGRESS. [Mbdical News of diabetics such as is liable to cause least kidney irritation was pointed out. Professor Minkowski reported the discovery in the urine of dogs fed upon thymus glands of, A HITHERTO UNDESCRIBED NITROGENOUS SUBSTANCE. This new substance resembles in many ways uric acid, and its discoverer suggests the name urotic acid. It oc- curs in dog's urine fed on calf's thymus in twenty times the amount in which uric acid occurs. Professor Minkowski regards it as an incomplete stage of the evolution of uric acid in the system and considers that further study of it may throw light on the processes by which uric acid is produced in the organism, which is as yet an interesting mystery. Dr. Edinger began Thursday afternoon's session very attractively reading a paper upon EXPERIMENTALLY PRODUCED DEGENERATIONS OF THE POSTERIOR COLUMNS. These resemble the lesions of tabes. Rats that had been made anemic were compelled to overexert themselves in a tread-mill run by a purchase hoodia water-motor. After forty-eight hours of work the degenerations exhibited had been pro- duced. Not the whole of the posterior columns are de- generated en bloc % but a large number of the fibers. order hoodia The method of staining is that of Marchi. Beside these specimens were placed the cords of animals in whom anemia alone had been at work and a striking difference was evident. Edinger considers that this makes clear the etiology of tabes. It is a degeneration of the sensitive sensory nerve-fibers from overexertion, when their vital resistance has been lowered by some general systemic condition, be it anemia, toxic influences, or attenuated syphilis. The much debated purchase hoodia online question as to where the degeneration be- gins, becomes then of secondary importance. At hoodia p 57 differ- ent times the resistance in the various parts of the nerve may vary, and so the degeneration need not necessarily begin always at the same point. For prophylaxis and cheap hoodia treatment Edinger considers these observations of the greatest practical importance. Syphi- litics, anemic people, and those in a run-down condition, must be warned of the serious risk of overexertion, or of exposure to cold for a long time, etc. Those in the pre- ataxic stage of the disease must be warned about the danger of making the symptoms develop more rapidly than they otherwise would if they are indiscreet in the amount of physical exertion undertaken. buy hoodia online The movement

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