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lieves this muscular discomfort. The glucophage price removal of water from the hydremic blood by diaphoresis, reacts on the nu- trition of all the tissues and the blood-making organs take up glucophage buy their functions once more. A bath at 32 R. (105 F.) with a wet towel wrapped around the head, though Dr. Rosin has seen no inconvenience result when this precaution was neglected, is given for one-half to three-quarters of an hour. This order glucophage causes plentiful perspira- tion during the bath. It is followed by a cold douche to prevent further perspiration which would be exhausting. A bath is given three times a week for three to four weeks. Dr. Determann of St. Bastien demonstrated the diagnostic significance of blood-plaques. They are not pathognomonic of any particular disease. Their presence cheap glucophage is an index of the isotonicity of the blood, of the lack of vital resistance glucophage online of red blood-corpuscles to external influences. He demonstrated a series of blood preparations showing red cells in the process of disinte- gration, or at least of constricting off a portion of their protoplasm. This he considers the origin of blood-plaques. Their presence tablet glucophage in any considerable number then, is indi- cative of a lowered state glucophage diabetes of vitality in the red blood-cells and so is of diagnostic significance, often before any other morphologic change can be noticed in the blood. Dr. En gel of Berlin demonstrated preparations of the nucleated red blood-cell of a special kind. He had found this in fatal pernicious anemia cases. glucophage generic It Digitized by Google May 14, 1898] SIXTEENTH ANNUAL GERMAN CONGRESS. 635 is a large, nucleated, red cell, differentiated from megalo- blasts by its different reaction to the tri-acid stain. He has found the same cell in human embryos of three to six months and in the embryos of rats of eight to twelve days. He suggests for it, owing to its embryologic con- nections, the name metrocyte buy glucophage online (mother cell). It is another step, Dr. Engel thinks, in the substanti- ation of Ehrlich's theory, that genuine pernicious anemia is a thorough reversion to the embryonic state of the blood-making organs. The finding of this red cell makes the prognosis of the case extremely unfavorable and decides the question that it is not a severe secondary anemia which must be dealt with, but a true cost of glucophage progressive pernicious anemia. Professor Leo of Bonn read by invitation a paper upon THE PRESENT-DAY TREATMENT OF DIABETES MEL- LITUS. As regards prophylaxis he detailed some of his own re- cent experiments, in which he glucophage sr has been able to produce raellituria artificially in dogs by feeding them a ten-per- cent solution of sugar, in a state of fermentation. It was not due to the ferments present, since it occurred also when the liquid had been previously boiled. Fermented liquors such as beer, he thinks, may be of some etio- logic importance in the production of diabetes. Not that they are glucophage cost actual causes, otherwise notably more men than women would become diabetic, which is not the case. In people with a nervous or diabetic heredity, or in very stout people whose faculty for sugar metabolism is dis- tinctly less than that of normal individuals, he thinks the prophylaxis of diabetes includes especially glucophage mg abstention glucophage xr from beer and fermented liquors generally. Professor Leo is of the opinion too that the metabolic fac- ulty for sugar when lessened may be restored by abso- lute physiologic rest for a time. All carbohydrates can- not be kept generic for glucophage out of the food at all times, but even in the lighter forms of diabetes he requires his patients to pass three to four weeks, three to four times each year, on an ab- solute diet, from which all carbohydrates are excluded. While bread and the food stuffs rich in carbohydrates must be forbidden, he does not believe, as do Cantani and others of the Italian school, that all vegetables should be forbidden ordinarily. Some of them, as the green vege- tables, contain comparatively small quantities of the car- bohydrates, while it is probable that they also contain, as Naunyn thinks, certain salts that are absolutely necessary for the human economy. Minkowski of Strassburg, in the discussion of the subject, reported that in dogs rendered diabetic by the re- moval of the pancreas, he had found that the exhibition price of glucophage of pancreas had done good. Von Leube has been trying this clinically with some encouraging results, but with in- sufficient experience as yet to speak definitely of the value of this mode of treatment. Professor von Jaksch thinks that, like fever some years ago, the importance of decreasing the sugar in the urine is overestimated. Every one a few years ago was bringing down his patients' temperatures glucophage 500mg with antipyret- ics, and congratulating himself on his success just inas- much as he succeeded in keeping his patients' tempera- ture down almost to normal in the course of an infectious fever. No one thinks of doing any such thing now, and it is very possible that we shall have after a few years something of the same feeling with regard to our present attitude towards the glucophage xr 500mg all-important problem of rendering the urine free from sugar glucophage tablets in diabetes. It is not the excre-

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