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practical laboratory work in chemistry, anatomy, physi- ology, pathologic anatomy, and pharmacology. (3) fundamental lectures covering the whole ground of spe- cial fluticasone propionate nasal pathology and therapy. Digitized flovent online by Google 634 SIXTEENTH ANNUAL GERMAN CONGRESS. [IIbdical News For the practical technical training itself cheap flovent there is re- order flovent online quired : (i) practical courses in diagnosis, not only physical diagnosis so-called, but microscopic, chemic, bacterio- scopic, neuro-eleitro-diagnosis, and rhinolaryngoscopic ; (2) Systematic practice in the actual employment of the therapeutic methods, dietetics, hydro- and balneotherapy, mechanotherapy, electrotherapy, inhalation and climato- therapy. For the clinical training, service in a dispensary for a given time under proper direction till the student has ac- quired such efficiency that the care of patients is fluticasone nose spray practic- ally in his hands is needed. Finally, to complete and round up his practical clinical training, the student should have a year, or at least a half year ot actual hospital service, where as an assistant he would have to assume personal responsibilities for his patients. This hospital experience should come after the examinations, as otherwise inevitably the thought of ex- aminations to come would lead him to pay special atten- tion, not to what he considered valuable for practice, but what would be liable to be asked in order flovent examination. Professor von Jaksch was the fluticasone spray other referee on MEDICAL EDUCATION. He also demanded buy cheap flovent a lengthening of the course. It is now ten semesters flovent mg long in Austria and he proposes to make it twelve semesters (six years). The extra year he would take away from the nine-years' course in the gym- nasia and would devote it to a preparatory course for medicine at the university. This year would be devoted to zoology, botany, mineralogy, and geology. This thor- ough grounding of the medical student in the natural sciences he believes absolutely buy flovent online needed. Practical medi- cine would be supplemented by courses, during this year, in photography, Rontgen skiagraphy, and the care of electric apparatus. As to the improvement of present teaching he would secure it by modifications of the present medical course, so that clinical medicine and its scientific foundations, would be flovent cost the principal study up to graduation. The student should go to specialists only to learn where these specialties touched upon general medicine. No details of specialization should be admitted into the course. For specialists he would institute an extra year, during which, in a dispensary, or under a specialist's care, they should learn the operative technic and appropriate diagnostic methods of their specialty, only such as had had such training being permitted (as is customary in Europe) to assume the title specialist. Von Jaksch thinks purchase flovent that while von Zeimssen's proposal to have a complete series of lectures on the whole subject of special pathology and therapy, is the expression of an absolute need, yet these lectures must not be purely di- dactic. Even Billroth found that his didactic lectures would not draw students enough to make it worth his while to continue them. 4 The day for didactic lectures has gone by. The substance of them must now find a place in the regular clinical lectures, which must be so varied as to introduce the various subjects. The same opinion as to purely didactic lectures was expressed generic flovent in the ' discussion of the question and seemed to flovent price be the general opinion. Dr. Mendelsohn of Berlin, at the afternoon session, spoke of fluticasone salmeterol the therapeutic uses of extremely high temper- atures. He, later in the week, demonstrated Tallerman's appa- ratus for the treatment of chronic joint affections by the inclosure of the nasal spray fluticasone affected limb in an air-tight chamber, the air of which is heated to 140 to 180 F. The method attracted a great deal of attention. Dr. Rosin of Berlin, treated of the good to be derived from hot baths in CHLOROSIS. One of the most promising recent advances in the treat- ment of obstinate cases of chlorosis is diaphoresis. Bet- ter than the dry, hot-air baths for this condition are the hot-water baths. The idea is an adoption of a Japan- ese custom. The Japanese, when very tired, get into a hot bath up to 45 C. (no┬░ to 115 purchase flovent online F.) which proves very refreshing. Chlorotics are persistently tired. Their muscles are easily exhausted because badly supplied with nutritive material. A characteristic symptom that Dr. Rosin finds in most of his chlorotics, fluticasone nasal and which makes them come complaining of something the matter with their lungs, is pain between the shoulder-blades. The erector spinas muscles suffer from the act of keeping the patient erect Slight pinching of the muscles or tapping of them gives pain. The reflex action of buy flovent the hot baths causes more blood to be brought to the muscles and re-

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