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was not located. It is. certain- that- a number generic of flomax of ulcera- tions of the small intestine occur, besides those due to flomax prices tuberculosis and typhoid fever. Potain admits flomax price that ulcers similar to those of the duodenum may be found in other portions of the small intestine, and Letulle describes intes- tinal ulcerations occurring in connection with uremia. In default of any other cause, it is what is flomax necessary flomax for women to ascribe them to some traumatism. Picque was flomax 0.4 called to see a patient who had been ill for three months with what was supposed to be purulent pleur- risy, although two punctures had been negative in result, and the signs of empyema were absent. An intrahepatic abscess was flomax women diagnosticated, and a transpleural incision was made. Portions of the ninth and tenth ribs were resected. The pleural cavity was free, and two punctures of the liver failed to locate the trouble. Finally a small subdiaphrag- matic abscess was found, which, as proved by the micro- scopic examination, originated in the lung, and had made its way through the diaphragm. Picque said, at a previous meeting of this society, that post-operative psychoses were often ascribed to the opera- tions which preceded them, especially if these were upon the genital organs. The facts in this connection have been grossly exaggerated, for in many instances it is flomax 0.4 mg true that the patients have either been insane before or that they have inherited an abnormal nervous state. Thus, if an ovariotomy has been performed in an interval of lucidity after several periods of confinement in an insane hospital, a further attack of the mental trouble is almost invariably blamed upon the surgical interference. Walther flomax in women emphasized the importance in all cases sus- pected of insane tendencies of a most exact record of the previous and present mental condition of the patient. Richelot thought that some of the cases of post-op- erative psychosis flomax generic were due to an association of ideas with the parts operated upon in persons already insane or dis- posed toward mental derangement. In other instances there was absolutely no demonstrable connection between alternative to flomax the operation and the succeeding mental state. In the eleven cases of post-operative psychosis which had come under his notice generic for flomax the operative act could not be said to have created de novo the insanity in a single instance. Sometimes an operation is followed by temporary cost of flomax hys- terical trouble, but he doubted whether that was more likely to be true of pelvic operations than of those in other situations. Reynier, at the session of March 30th, expressed himself in accord with the previous speakers, and again urged the desirability of an exact mental diagnosis before attempting any surgical operation. In these persons we are likely to have psychoses after operation ; there is a disproportion between the amount of pain complained of, and the lesion which produces it. Segond said that a careful study of the subject had forced him to the conclusion that the psychoses spoken flomax online of as post-operative, were in reality pre-operative. It is also of interest to notice that a flomax alternative disordered mind is sometimes cured by an operation, as was the case in a woman from whom he had removed both ovaries for cystic disease. At the Therapeutic Society, March 23d, Lobit said that he had. obtained excellent results in the treat- ment of erysipelas and lymphangitis by the use of a ten- per-cent, solution of iodoform and, even better, by iodol in collodium. In twenty-five cases of erysipelas a cure had resulted from this method of treatment in three or four days. The presence in the urine of iodin, shows that the drug is absorbed, the absorption being favored apparently by the presence of the collodium. These ap- plications are not at all painful, on the contrary, they often give an immediate relief. At the Medical Society of the Hospitals, April 1st, Renon communicated an observation which he had made in connection with scarlet fever, in a patient whose tem- perature did not go above 37.4 C. (99. 5° F.). There was no doubt as to the diagnosis, however, and scarla- tiniform erythema of toxic or infectious origin could be absolutely excluded. In this as in similar cases there flomax cr was a dissociation between the pulse-rate and the temperature. The patient had no complications and recovered per- fectly. Lemoine said that the fact of an apyretic scarlet fever was to-day established without a doubt. The gravest re- sults may follow in these cases, just because the physician is thrown off his guard by the absence of fever, and omits the customary precautions. He referred to the nephritis in the patient himself, and to the dissemination of the disease among his associates. SOCIETY PROCEEDINGS. THE SIXTEENTH ANNUAL GERMAN CONGRESS FOR INTERNAL MEDICINE. Held at Wiesbaden, Germany \ April ij to //, 1S9S. [Prom our Special Correspondent. J The flomax tamsulosin Sixteenth Annual German Congress for Internal Medicine was formally opened by its President, Professor Moritz Schmidt, the distinguished laryngologist of Frank- fort, on Wednesday, April 1 3th and closed on Saturday, April 17th. Some idea of the interest taken in it in Ger- many may be gathered from the fact that over four hun- dred German doctors, including most of the distinguished professors of internal medicine at the various German universities, took part flomax cost in its proceedings. Professor von Zeimssen of Munich, after the presi- dent's address of welcome, read a paper, prepared by special invitation, upon CLINICAL INSTRUCTION IN MEDICINE. He is of the opinion that the present teaching of medicine needs improvement in many directions, but es- pecially in the technical clinical training of the young physician. For that as a preliminary condition there is needed (1) a lengthening of the medical course to ten semesters, five years (it is now nine semesters). (2) price of flomax

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