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away cured, or at least wonderfully relieved and benefited. One has a chance to study here at Wiesbaden and at the recently more fashionable Homberg, not far from Frankfort-am-Main, the secret of the success of the cure. That it is due to the waters themselves with their pleni- tude of common salt, and minimal amounts of calcium and lithium buy finpecia uk salts, and traces of iron and even arsenic, scarcely any one now will affirm. It is true there are those like Professor Liebreich in Berlin, who insist that our chemical analysis of the constituents of these springs is anything but final. Even in the last few years it has been found that the finpecia canada waters of Wiesbaden contain much more lithium than was formerly thought, yet the labora- tory of the famous analytic chemist, Fresenius, is in Wies- baden, and its reputation has been fully maintained by his son and successor. Then the discovery within the last few years of argon in the air, has shown how de- fective are present chemic methods for the analysis of the most familiar materials, even when the very best and most exact scientific chemic means are used. Finally, even if we did know the exact chemic constituents, it would be but coarsely ; of their relations one to another in certain physic and chemic combinations and the effects on complicated human metabolism of a series of such un- stable compounds, we know next to nothing. But all this is finpecia 1mg the argument of a man who holds a brief for pharmacology and will not see lightly slip from the realm of drugs into that of the so-called natural therapeu- tic methods, the number of ailments which yearly are benefited at watering-places. The practitioners them- selves finpecia cost at the watering-places have been more frank in their acknowledgement of the benefit to be derived from physical methods, and so there are in the town and neigh- borhood hydrotherapy, vegetarian, fruit, grape, gymnas- tic, massage, and electrotherapic cures, one of which at cheap finpecia least, is associated in nearly all cases with the taking of the waters. The baths include every variety imagina- ble, hot and cold, steam and compressed air, dry and moist hot air, mineral, pine, and aerated baths. Twenty thousand pounds of grapes are consumed in a year for the grape cure. Of course this condition easily glides into the realm of charlatanism, but in this respect the various establishments are finpecia buy well managed and seem to be per- fectly under control. finpecia cipla The regime required while taking the waters is itself the best therapeutic measure in Wiesbaden. They finpecia 1 mg are drunk first in the early morning between 6 and 8 a.m., during which hours the band plays at the spring, and again in the afternoon between 3 and 5 p.m., so that the temptation to those of sluggish circulation to oversleep, is removed at the finpecia online two periods of the day when it is most al- luring. A dietary is always insisted on during "the cure" and this finpecia uk is not hard to kept up as all buy finpecia online around one at the hotels and pensions are people with restricted diet. Then the walks around the town are most pleasant, finpecia fda gentle mountain walks lead through beautiful grounds and those never before given to walking much are tempted out. When to those factors are added the fact that it is fashion- able to take the finpecia hair loss waters, that so many have been benefited and so much written about the curative properties of Wiesbaden's waters — printers' ink is an important con- stituent of many a proprietary preparation, that finpecia online pharmacy does not reveal itself to the most exact chemical analysis — then it is easy to understand how a course of the waters does good. It must be good — the wonderful suggestive ele- ment of all therapeutics — and there is an end of it. Of course at Homberg there is the additional factor that Royalty goes there every year; purchase finpecia the Emperor and Em- press of Germany, the Czar and Czarina of Russia, the King and Queen of Italy, and Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, to visit his sister the Dowager Empress of Ger- many, who has a house there every year during the sea- son. When to these are added the Knights and Grand Dukelings of the little German monarchies, the order finpecia suggestive therapeutic influence of the springs at finpecia price Homberg can be confidently looked to, to be almost fabulously effective. It is to be remembered however that they really do do good, however we may analyze their effect, and after all at the Digitized by Google 632 TRANSACTIONS OF FOREIGN SOCIETIES. [Medical Nkwb end of the century it is coming to be very generally ad- mitted, even here in Germany, that a doctor's where to buy finpecia main pur- pose is to benefit his patient even if the means employed are not always those that admit of exact scientific explan- ation, or the definition of their indications remains per- sistently obscure. Progress in finpecia india scientific medicine is cared for in the Rhine- land at the two universities, Bonn and Heidelberg. Frankfort has no university but as the result of an old foundation, she has a central point around which science is cultivated quite as effectively and successfully as if there really were a university. In the middle of the last century a Dr. Sencken- berg of Frankfort, who was interested in anatomy and lectured on the subject with dissections to some kindred spirits in a small amphitheater in his garden just inside the city walls, left the grounds and building together with his private hospital not far away and an endowment for their support, to the city for the cultivation of science, especially anatomy and botany. The trust has been excellently administered and now the grounds are very valuable, not far from the center of

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