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"it has been decided that generic femara the matter referred to comes within the classification of legitimate medical advertising !*' After months of litigation, in which a prominent dental college of this city figured against the Medico- Chirurgical College, the latter institution has been granted by the courts an amendment to its charter permitting it to grant degrees in dental surgery and in pharmacy, in addition to the work of its medical school. The femara tablets plans for the es- tablishment of the two new schools have already been announced in .these columns. A wholesale spirit of excessive caution seems buy femara to have taken possession of our city legislators in prompting them to prepare an ordinance providing for the appointment of fifty special guards to protect the several city water res- ervoirs against any possible attempts on the part of Spanish agents to poison the water-supply of the city. Unlike New York City, which receives its entire water- supply from a single source through an enormous aque- duct which might be polluted at any point along its course with immense damage to the entire cheap femara city, Philadelphia re- ceives its water from several stations, each serving a separate district; so that any attempt at pollution could be at once femara online traced with ease, and the order femara section of the city supplied from the polluted storage basin cut off until danger is past. The total number of deaths occurring in this city for the week ending May 7th numbered 445, a decrease of 25 from last week, and an increase of 27 over the corres- ponding period of last year. There were 207 new cases of contagious diseases reported, as follows: diphtheria, 86 cases, with 22 deaths; scarlet fever, 61 cases, with 7 deaths ; and enteric fever, 60 cases, with 9 deaths. OVR WIESBADEN LETTER. [From our Special Correspondent.] A GERMAN MEDICAL CONGRESS AND ITS SERIOUS- NESS — THE DISPOSAL OF "BORES"— SOME WATERING- PLACES AND THEIR WATERS — AN OLD FOUNDATION AND MODERN SCIENTIFIC WORK AT FRANKFORT. Wiesbaden, April 30, 1898. A German medical congress is a very business like af- fair. At least here at Wiesbaden there are very few dis- tractions from the work of the congress itself. One of the evenings is given up to a dinner of course, but beyond that there are no formal public entertainments. There is a caf6 in which a number of the doctors meet during the midday intermission to take what in Rhineland they have specially named "Friihschoppen. " (A social morning glass is the nearest translation of it I can find.) The term is a favorite one with the students' guilds ; the cus- tom also a favorite. In the evenings there is a special rendezvous for a social glass, but to neither of these places order femara online do more than a very small minority of the doctors go. Sessions begin rather promptly at 9. 15 a.m., and last till nearly 1 p.m., though 12 o'clock is announced for the end of the session. They begin again at 3 p.m., sharp, Digitized by Google May 14, 1898] OUR WIESBADEN LETTER. 631 and continue until about 6 p. m. The morning session, particularly when discussions are announced, is very well attended. As in medical societies generally over here, a great deal of interest is taken. German medical men are, I think, less considerate of the feelings of the reader of a paper than we are. When, for instance, the perennial bore, the special bite noir of medical societies, the man who has nothing to say and takes twenty femara cost minutes in which to proclaim the fact, bobs up, he is apt to feel buy femara online in the hum of conversation that very soon begins that he might as well be talking to the stars, or that his voice might be the music of the spheres, so utterly oblivious seems his audience of it. On the other hand when really good things are said, be it only a good buy cheap femara bit of comparative literary abstraction, that makes clear the femara price present position of a subject, there follows a series of most encouraging bravos. The other bore, the man who thinks he has discovered a new symptom or a new therapeutic method in some long since exploited ex- pedient, is very apt to be laughed out of countenance at once. During one of the sessions a young man attempted to demonstrate a new symptom of early pancreatic dia- betes, in a tenderness about the tail of the pancreas, to be felt in the eighth intercostal space in the anterior axillary line on the left; "et risu soloebantur tabule; sic nos ser- vabit Apollo" The congress is over now and the members have gone, that is all except a few, who remain to take the waters for awhile. They are, as a rule, the older ones whose faith has never been rudely disturbed by femara mg too close observation of the therapeutic effect of a little hot salt water, or whose credulity has returned with advancing years, the later stages of evolution corresponding to the earlier stages of evolution, a harking back to the time when tales were true and facts unquestioned. For the wonderful thing about all this region around here and in the Rhineland generally, is that a purchase femara little com- mon salt water, or carbonated water, purchase femara online comes bubbling up out of the bowels of the earth, and straightway it is in- vested with marvelous powers, and people afflicted with all the ills that flesh is heir to, and a few others besides, come flocking to it from all over, and, stranger than all, go

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