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charities, was held at the College of Physicians on May 3d. The majority of the speakers, while entirely agreed as to the estrace 1 mg urgent need of reforming the abuse and of find- ing a remedy without loss of time for the present objec- tionable state of affairs, were by no means agreed as to the best method to be employed for the correction of the trouble. Although numerous plans, some of them seem- ingly excellent in many ways, were advanced and freely discussed, no definite agreement was reached, and no compromise was effected by which a single plan could be made acceptable to all concerned; it was, therefore, fi- nally agreed to entrust to a committee of five the further investigation of the whole subject, this committee being instructed to formulate a definite line of action, and to arrange for a permanent organization of those interested in the furtherance of the work. At present, the difficulties to be overcome are many and powerful, because of estrace cream coupon the decided disinclination of many institutions to "fall into line," and to send representatives to participate in the consideration of the subject. The members of the com- mittee appointed are to direct their attention largely toward these institutions, to try to solicit their interest and cooperation, and to ascertain from them, if possible, definite statements of their attitude concerning the present agitation. As soon as this is accomplished, and when the other instructions of the committee have been carried out, another meeting will be called, at which it is hoped the course of the procedure agreed upon by those interested will be announced in exact terms. At the meeting held this week Judge Ashman was the estrace online presiding officer, and Willim B. buy estrace cream Thompson, Esq., was secretary. Among those who participated in the discussion were Drs. Edward Jackson, Carl Frese, J. V. Shoemaker, J. W. Walk, C. H. estrace cost Burnett, and W. W. Holmes. Quite a warfare of criticism is at present being waged against that historic institution, the Will's Eye Hospital, for its innovation in contracting with a single firm of manufacturers of optical instruments for filling the pre- scriptions issued to dispensary cases at a price barely above cost to patients. Recently the Board of City Trusts, Digitized by Google 630 OUR WIESBADEN LETTER. [Medical Nbws the governing body of the hospital, became dissatisfied with the manner in which the filling of oculists' prescrip- tions was conducted, and resolved that it would serve all interests best to have the work done by a estrace ivf single firm to which all the patients of the hospital must go for this purpose. Accordingly they invited bids from manufac- turers, with the result that it was decided to award the entire estrace cream contract to the lowest reputable bidder, which hap- pened, in this case, to be one of the leading and most re- liable firms in the city. Under the new rule the patients are furnished with an order for glasses on the firm speci- fied, instead of estrace tablets with a prescription to be filled by any optician to whom they estrace and ivf may choose to go ; this firm then receives direct from the hospital the prescription for the patient in question, which is filled on receipt of the estrace coupons pa- tient's order. The hospital authorities claim that the benefits of the new plan are a saving of expense to the patient, and the facility with which defects in the filling of prescription may be traced buy estrace and remedied. estrace 2 mg The critics of the system cry •• pauperization of the community, " and intimate favoritism along commercial lines. Meanwhile the experiment must work itself out, and time alone can indicate the wisdom or the mistake of the innovation. Two offers have been recently made to the city author- ities to furnish bicycle ambulance-corps for park and for street service. The first offer estrace for ivf comes from the League of American Wheelmen's Emergency Bicycle Corps, which has offered its services to the Fairmount Park Commis- sioners during the season, estrace estradiol free buy estrace online of expense for the proposed ambulance patrol. This corps consists of twenty uni- formed surgeons, mounted on wheels, and two bicycle ambulances, each ridden by four persons. The second offer comes from the Emergency Bicycle Corps of the Department of Public Safety, consisting of sixty-five phy- sicians, each of whom is in direct connection estrace price with the central police bureau of the city. A small metal red estrace coupon cross is to be attached to the members' wheel during the day, and a small transparent red cross in front of the lens of the lamp at night will enable the public to recognize the corps at all times. It is said that the Department of Public Safety will accept both offers, and that the service will be inaugurated before the end of the present month. Philadelphia has been literally flooded of late with patent-medicine booklets from a New England firm, set- ting forth in glowing terms the merits of its nostrum, which, according to its manufacturers, eradicates every feminine ill, from uterine fibroids to acne. To remark that these advertisements are vile and obscene does not begin to express the nauseating nature of their contents, which are of the stamp which a profound sexual pervert would devour with glee and appreciation ; and to state that these booklets find a widespead circulation conveys but a faint idea of the freedom with which they are dis- tributed, by mail, by carrier from door to door, and by personal distribution at the [street corners. The front paper-cover of estrace creme the advertisement bears a lithographic illustration of the most innocent nature imaginable, and gives no hint of the contents, which are filled with matter utterly unfit for promiscuous or any other kind of reading, either among the old or the young. Postmaster Hicks, who has been asked to investigate the matter with a view to suppressing the circulation of the booklets, has looked into the case, and has expressed himself as entirely unable estrace 2mg to exclude the matter from the mail, for the reason that

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