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Surgery, and restoring him to the professorship and all hydrochlorothiazide mg the rights and privileges incident thereto. Justice Barrett wrote the opinion, which held that the By-Laws of the cheap hydrochlorothiazide Corporation authorized the Directors to remove a buy esidrix profes- sor at pleasure. Sanitary Condition of the Camp at Chickamauga Park.— The policing of the grounds is excellent. Rubbish of all kinds is strictly tabooed wherever it is possible to avoid it. The daily details, with their suitable implements, keep the entire, camp in almost immaculate condition. The health of the men, as a result of favorable natural conditions, pure air and pure water, supported by the ef- ficient sanitary precautions, leaves nothing to be desired, and enforces many hours of idleness upon the hospital corps. Digitized by IVJU' :le May i4 f 1898] OUR PHILADELPHIA LETTER. 629 Ample opportunity for recreation is furnished for the men when not on duty. Baseball is the favorite sport. Medical Examinations at Camp Town send, Peekskill, H. Y. — The physique of the New York State militiamen who are being examined for enlistment as volunteers proves to be remarkably good. Only about five per cent, are be- ing rejected. This is in striking contrast to the reports which come from Camp Rogers, State of buy hydrochlorothiazide online Washington, in which it is announced that so many are being rejected that the officers declare that they might as well disband their entire commands and go home. This favorable showing esidrix 25 mg for the Eastern recruits is undoubtedly due to the rigid system of gymnastic exercises constantly enforced. X-ray Apparatus for Field Hospitals. — Professor Reginald A. Fessenden of the Western University of Pennsylvania has just completed a portable X-ray apparatus for use by the surgeons in the field during the war. The apparatus hydrochlorothiazide cost is as large as an unabridged dictionary and will weigh about twenty-five pounds. It is to be operated by a gas- motor of like weight, and the generator will be one of the smallest ever employed in practical work. The apparatus will supply X-rays of sufficient quantity and intensity to enable the surgeons to see through the body, and should provide a valuable adjunct to the equipment of the field hospitals. Appointments and Promotions in the Surgical Department of the Army.— Colonel Charles R. Greenleaf, Assistant Surgeon-General, recently stationed at San Francisco, has arrived in Washington for duty on the staff of Major- General Miles, as chief surgeon of troops in the field. To be Chief Surgeons, with rank of Lieutenant-Colonel, Majors Benjamin F. Pope, surgeon United States army; Robert M. O'Reilly, surgeon United States army ; Alfred C. Girard, surgeon United States army; John Van R. Hofif , surgeon United States army ; Louis M. Maus, sur- geon United States army ; Rush Huidekoper of Pennsyl- vania. To be Assistant Surgeon- General, with rank of Lieutenant- Colonel, Nicholas Senn of Illinois. The House Committee order hydrochlorothiazide online on Military Affairs has reported favorably the bill authorizing fifteen additional assistant surgeons in purchase hydrochlorothiazide the army, ranking as first lieutenants, and as many contract surgeons as the War Department deems necessary. Obituary, — Dr. Isaac N. Quimby, a well-known physi- cian of Jersey order hydrochlorothiazide City, died purchase hydrochlorothiazide online of pneumonia, on the 6th inst. , at his home in Jersey City. He was born at Bernard- ville, N. J. He was a graduate of the Medical Depart- ment of the University of New York. He was appointed Surgeon during the Civil War and served with the Army of the Potomac until after the battle of the Wilderness, when he established himself permanently in Jersey City. He was a member of the American Medical Association. — David buy cheap hydrochlorothiazide Wendell Yandell, a distinguished physician and surgeon of Louisville, Ky., died Monday, May 2, hydrochlorothiazide tablets after several years illness. He was born September 12, 1826, near Murfreesborough, Tenn., and graduated in med- icine from the University of Louisville ; he also spent two years in study in Europe, returning to Louisville to prac- tice. He was hydrochlorothiazide price Professor of Surgery in the University of Louisville in 1859, and a Medical Director in the Confed- erate Army from 1861 to 1866; he was also President of the American Medical Association in 1871, and became Professor of Surgery in the Indiana Medical College in 1874. In 1870 he established the American Practi- tioner. CORRESPONDENCE. OUR PHILADELPHIA LETTER. [From our Special Correspondent.! the control of hydrochlorothiazide online medical esidrix or zaroxolyn charities-twills' eye hospital and its critics— bicycle ambulance- corps— a flood of nauseating •« literature" — medico-chirurgical colleges of dentistry and pharmacy — protection of the water-sup- ply from poisoning by spanish agents. May 7, 1898. The much-talked of meeting of hospital physicians buy hydrochlorothiazide and managers to consider the subject of the abuse of medical generic hydrochlorothiazide

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