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Google May X4, 1898] ECHOES AND NEWS. 627 are almost unanimous in the opinion that cheap eriacta the intro- duction of gloves into the technic of surgical pro- cedures marks a distinct advance in asepsis. To the army surgeon rubber gloves will be espe- cially welcomed. His hands are usually rough from a varied occupation and are sterilized with great dif- eriacta tablets ficulty, while the conditions of war compel him at times to operate for many hours together, so that oft- repeated scrubbing might well nigh flay his fingers. To prepare them for use rubber gloves are washed with soap and water, rinsed with mild ammonia, lightly packed with purchase sildenafil citrate gauze, wrapped in a towel and boiled for fifteen minutes in a one-percent, solution of sodium carbonate. Since they are nonabsorbant, if they come in contact with no source of infection they must remain sterile throughout the operation. buy eriacta During the operation they may be washed on the hands with a sterile solution as often as necessary. A ROYAL ROAD TO MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE. sildenafil citrate 50mg One by one time- consecrated aphorisms succumb to the irresistible Admirable Crichtons of our gener- ation. It has been universally accepted that there is no royal road to knowledge; yet a plan of manufac- ture and commerce in this commodity is now being agitated by certain enthusiasts in the medical pro- fession of this country which claims to negative such acceptation. buy sildenafil citrate online This consists of an organization to sup- ply medical societies in order sildenafil citrate different parts of the ranbaxy eriacta country with "talent,* ' who shall come unto them laden with wisdom which shall be imparted and extracted, even to the complete satiety of those who are hungering and thirsting for such ready-made knowledge. The fathers of this scheme flatter themselves that these oc- casions will be found so invaluable that every town and county medical society will insist upon having a regular monthly supply. The question of supply is an easy matter, however, as it has been hinted that all the specialists in the large cities will welcome this opportunity to exhibit their wares first hand to the untracked territory from which consultations spring, and that they will hasten to cast their bread upon waters that it may return to them a hundred fold. We are assured eriacta online by the press agents of this com- pany that the plan has been tried on various med- ical societies whose membership is made up of country practitioners and that it has been found a flattering success. A neighboring city seems to have the distinction of supplying, ranbaxy eriacta 100 thus far, the "stars" of these buccolic companies, and, judging from the re- ports, the actors are highly pleased with the success of buy sildenafil citrate their one-night stands. If the medical societies do not soon awaken to the fact that they are pursu- ing an ignis fatuusy and if the stars cannot be made to see that they are selling their birthright for a mess of pottage, we may soon eriacta uk discover the dead- fences and the forsaken barns of the country town and suburban village covered with posters and lithographs herald- ing the coming of the next medical attraction, as plays and circuses are now announced. Why should reasoning physicians delude them- selves that the advent, for an hour or two, into the range of their audition of a man who has given special study to some intricate, and very often labor- atory branch of their profession can possibly be of any advantage to them comparable to that which may be obtained by their gathering together in a spirit of mutual betterment to thrash out the truth by a comparison of individual experiences. It is only by such methods that the sinew and marrow of the ideal medical society can be developed. What are medical societies for? Are they for the glorification and lionizing of the individual, or are they arenas to which may be brought the order eriacta difficult problems in diagnosis, the intricate questions of pathology, the vagaries of therapeutic results, in order that they may be discussed and elucidated by the clinical experi- ences of many men studying the same cheap sildenafil citrate diseases amid the same invironments and under similar conditions? No one can honestly sildenafil citrate 100mg say, after having listened to some great star who has indulged in glittering generalities and skipped lightly over a buy eriacta online vast subject, within the hour, let us say, that he goes home better fitted to cope with the exigencies of his daily work. On the contrary, it is extremely probable that if a vote were taken to determine the influence of the ordinary medical meet- ing of county and State societies in maintaining pro- fessional tone and keeping up the character of med- ical work the result would be no uncertain answer in favor of the present system — without stars. ECHOES AND NEWS. War Premiums of Insurance Companies. — It is a gratify- ing circumstance that the various life insurance compan- ies of the country are granting to the holders of their poli- cies without additional premium therefor the privilege of engaging in the military or naval service of their country

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