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[Medical News The Medical News. A WEEKLY JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCE. eJNICATIONS are invited from all parts of the world. Original articles contributed txclustvtlv to The Med- ical News will after publication be liberally endep 10mg paid for (accounts being rendered quarterly), or 250 reprints buy endep will be furnished in place of other remuneration. When necessary to elucidate the text, illustrations will be engraved from drawings or photographs furnished by the author. Manuscripts should be type- written. Address the Editor: J. RIDDLE GOFFE, M.D., No. hi Fifth Avenue (corner of 18th St.), New endep 10 tablets York. Subscription Prho, including pontage in U. S. and Canada. Per Annum in Advance $4.00 Single Copies 10 With The American Journal op the Medical Sciences, Per Annum 7.50 Subscriptions may begin at any date. The safest mode of remit- tance is by bank check or postal money order, drawn to the order of the undersigned. When neither is accessible, remittances may be made, at the risk of tne publishers, by forwarding in endep 10 rtfistsrtd LEA BROTHERS & CO.. No. hi Fipth Avenue (corner of 18th St.), New York, and Nos. 706, 708 & 710 Sanson St., Philadelphia. SATURDAY, MAY 14, 1898. purchase endep GLOVES endep 50mg FOR ARM Y SURG EONS . In each surgeon's chest which endep 25 has gone to the front with the army there has been placed a pack- age order endep online containing three pairs of rubber operating-gloves, sterilized, and wrapped in rubber tissue, ready for use. Whether they will prove a valuable part endep 25 mg of the armamentarium of the surgeon in his effort to obtain primary union, remains to be seen; at any rate the Surgeon-General has shown himself alive to the advances in endep 25mg his department by thus promptly act- ing upon the opinions which have recently been ex- pressed in this country and Europe in regard to aseptic operations. Within a short time this subject of operating-gloves has been brought before both the New York Surgical Society and the Surgical Section of the Academy of Medicine. In one paper prefer- ence was expressed for rubber gloves — in the other for cotton, or lisle-thread gloves. Both papers ex- cited a vigorous discussion, which turned not so much upon the kind of glove to be worn, as upon the point whether or not gloves should be worn at all. Age is ever conservative, and it was not sur- prising to find that the majority of the advocates of gloves were young men, while their opponents were almost without exception past forty summers. The arguments were chiefly in favor of gloves. Those who opposed the buy cheap endep use of the gloves were only able to say that they considered them clumsy. To this the answer was made that a little practice overcomes this awkward feeling, and the fingers soon gain suf- ficient dexterity for nearly all operative maneuvers. The gain for asepsis by the use of gloves is clear and unmistakable. They can be absolutely sterilized, as the skin cannot, and in addition buy endep online they protect the wound from possible infection from secretions of the sweat-glands of the operator's hands. These facts were brought out in a variety of ways in the meet- ings mentioned, and one young enthusiast set the standard for the future by declaring that surgical etiquette is no less real than that of good society; and that it is as bad form to put the naked fingers into a wound as it is to pull to pieces a bit of broiled chicken at luncheon with endep 10 mg fingers and teeth. There seems no reason to doubt that in the next few years gloves will become universal in the best operating-rooms — just as in the past few years head- dresses have become common; or, as in the years immediately preceding, gowns gained a general foot- hold. Whether the gloves will be of thread or endep tablets rubber, or of some endep tablets 10mg other material, order endep it is too early to predict. Undoubtedly all surgeons who while op- erating use liquids, for wounds or instruments or sponges, will prefer gloves which are absolutely im- pervious to moisture. For those who operate by the dry method throughout, thread gloves, at least for extra-abdominal operations, have some decided ad- vantages over rubber — in that they are thinner, and less elastic, and do not sweat the fingers. With them, however, a more complete preliminary scrub- bing of the hands is necessary than generic endep is the case when rubber gloves are employed. This statement would probably be stoutly contested by the advocates of rubber; but unless human nature is going to change, a congenital inertia and a due regard for his digital epidermis, will, in the end, lead the surgeon who knows he has a germ-proof sterile film of rubber be- tween his fingers and the wound, to omit altogether or greatly to modify the annoying ten minutes of hand- scrubbing which one has to go through with to ren- der his hands even approximately sterile. As may be seen in the purchase endep online report of the Congress of the German Society of Surgery, which appears in this issue of the Medical endep 50 News, the German surgeons Digitized by

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