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packed in small compass. The model which I have tested weighs thirty-seven and one-half pounds, but Mr. Remington is confident that the weight can be reduced to about thirty pounds. The litter-carrier is designed for twojbearers, one of whom pulls, while the other pushes ; but should one of Fig. 3. First- Dressing Station. holds two litters. The patients are. therefore, doxycycline cheap carried in the ambulance upon the same litters on which they have been brought from the field. Wheeled litters, drawn or pushed by hand, have been modeled and remodeled from time to time, but on the chance ground of battle-fields, often rough and broken, these lit- ters have hitherto been of little use. The "Cycle Ambu- lance" may prove valuable for use on city streets, but evi- dently it cannot be considered serviceable for rough and muddy country roads. A recent invention by Mr. Frederic Remington, the artist, is by far 100 mg doxycycline the best adaptation of the wheel to the litter that has yet been made. Mr. Remington, in his cam- paign experiences with the army on the frontier, has had an eye for the needs of the wounded soldier, as well as for picturesque scouts and warriors. The invention, which he calls where can i buy doxycycline a "litter-carrier," consists of a single wheel, and of a framework to hold the litter. The wheel is twenty- four inches in diameter, and has where to get doxycycline a steel rim three inches in width, covered with a rubber band ; within the rim is a V-shaped shield of wood, through which doxycycline where to buy the spokes pass. The doxycycline 100mg shield prevents the accumulation of mud doxycycline order or snow on the rim. The frame is made of steel tubing, upon the bearers become get doxycycline disabled, it can be moved by one man alone. Over even ground the loaded carrier is moved with little effort ; over rough ground the labor is not excessive, and the broad tread of the rubber-cov- ered wheel and the elasticity of the steel springs make the patient's bed at least endurable, if not wholly com- fortable. In case of necessity the carrier and patient can be lifted over ditches or other obstacles. I have tried the carrier under a variety of circumstances, up and down steep slopes, along side-hills, on unpaved roads and across fields, and find it admirably adapted to its purpose. In one of these tests of the litter-car- rier a patient weighing 160 pounds was carried with- out stopping a distance of one and one-twelfth miles, mostly over uneven meadow land, in twenty-two min- utes, and without fatigue to the bearers. Over the same ground and distance the same patient was carried on a hand- litter in forty-six minutes ; eleven minutes of this time were spent in necessary rest, and even then the bearers were very tired at the end of the course. For the long distances from the front how can i get doxycycline to the dressing-station, Mr. Remington's litter-carrier promises to be of great value in lightening the labor of the bearers. Digitized by Google 624 CAMP SANITATION AT CHICKAMAUGA PARK. [Medical Nswt At the ambulance-station wounds are carefully exam- ined and redressed if necessary, and operations performed as required. Record is made of every patient, and the wounded are fed and doxycycline 100 cared for until they can be sent on to the field hospital. The division or field hospital is established at a dis- tance probably two or three miles from the ambulance- station, sufficiently far in the rear to assure, if possible, its permanency undisturbed doxycycline to buy by the changing lines of battle. The water-supply and the character of the ground and roads are also factors in determining the site. From the ambulance-station to the division hospital the patients are transported in ambulances or by litter-car- rier, and on occasion army wagons or other available ve- where can i get doxycycline hicles are pressed into this buy doxycycline service. Owing chiefly to purchase doxycycline faulty organization, the removal of the wounded from the how to buy doxycycline field has hitherto been the least satis- factory work of the army medical service. But condi- tions have changed, and we are now in position to remedy this defect. Formerly medical men performed their duties subject to the will and conveniences of other departments of the army. doxycycline online Now the medical de- partment has full control of its men and material, en- joys complete autonomy in its own sphere. It has a corps of trained and disciplined men and improved ap- pliances doxycycline mg for transportation. As yet, however, a detailed plan for the organization of this force is wanting, and without definite regulations the best results are impos- sible. To settle the details of organization under the stress of battle requires executive ability which few men possess. It is held by some authorities that in coming wars it will be impossible to carry away the wounded during the battle, since the bearers would all be killed by the wide and destructive fire of modern arms. Granted that at times this may be so, it does not do away with the doxycycline purchase online need of preparation for the relief how to get doxycycline of the wounded

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