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On the subject of prophylaxis, two measures are in contemplation on our departure from this compara- tive Eden to the disease -laden atmosphere of trop- ical Cuba. One relates to the use of quinin in doses of two to five grains daily as a preventive against malaria, and the other to the use of boiled water for drinking purposes to insure against paludal, typhoid, . and yellow-fever (?) infection from that source. To insure the water being boiled, as well as to relieve it of its taste of flatness and insipidity, it would seem advisable to substitute for the plain boiled water a buy desyrel font weak infusion of tea. The observance of this practice might be enforced by having the men fall in every morning just before marching and inspected desyrel over counter as to their canteens being filled with hot tea; this liquid being hot on starting off would prevent the too early imbibition of fluids on the march. In view of the possibility of spending desyrel price a part of the rainy season in Cuba, where the tropical rainstorms descend as if the very windows of heaven were opened, I have busied myself to-day in rubbing a cake of paraffin over my blanket, trousers, shirt, felt hat, and other articles of apparel and then allowing the paraffin to soak in under the influence of the sun's heat until its presence cannot be detected by any outward appearance. This renders the garment water-proof as attested by actual trial and this quality of imperviousness is believed to be lasting. Many members of the medical and hospital corps have made use of the paraffin in a similar manner, having taken the cue from our chief surgeon. TRANSPORTATION OF THE WOUNDED IN WAR.* By JAMES P. KIMBALL, A.M., M.D., MAJOR AND SURGEON, UNITED STATES ARMY. The first stage in the travels of the wounded man is from the ground on which he has fallen to the collecting or first-dressing station. This station, according to army regulations, is "the nearest place to the combatants where the wounded and those caring for them may generic desyrel online not be unnecessarily exposed to fire." Formerly this was a distance of not more than 500 desyrel 50 mg price or 600 yards, but the in- creased range of the modern rifle now necessitates the establishment of the first-dressing station at ltast 1000 desyrel cost to 1 200 yards desyrel coupons behind the firing line. There is usually one such station behind each regiment engaged, or if the regi- ments be small, one behind each brigade. To these sta- tions bearers carry on litters the seriously wounde.d, after they have received on the field the necessary first aid, such as the application of who makes generic desyrel a tourniquet in cheap desyrel cases of severe arterial hemorrhage, and of improvised splmts to broken bones. The bearers are a part of the sanitary force, which varies somewhat in strength in different armies, but is commonly equal to about four per cent, of the troops in line. In some of the European armies in which the pro- portion was desyrel with zoloft less than four per cent, the rate has recently been increased, because of the general belief that in fu- ture wars the number of wounded will be larger than desyrel street price heretofore desyrel withdrawal by desyrel generic brand reason of the greatly extended range of the new rifle. In our own army no*definite plan has yet been formulated desyrel withdrawal symptoms for fixing the ratio ofjthe sanitary to the com- batant force. If, however, we assume that the sanitary 1 Abstract of article in the Albany Medical Annals, April, 1898. Digitized by VjOOQLC 622 TRANSPORTATION OF THE WOUNDED IN WAR. [Medical News force is equal to four per cent, of the command, a divis- ion — the administrative unit of an army, which in our service numbers, on a war footing, 12,747 men — will con- tain in round numbers a sanitary corps of 500 men. This corps in most armies is composed of two classes, about equal in number — the hospital corps, which consists of men specially enlisted for the medical department and permanently purchase desyrel attached to it, and the company, or regi- mental bearers, who belong to the fighting force, and desyrel weight gain have been instructed in the duties of litter-bearers and in the methods of giving first aid to the sick and wounded. During an engagement these bearers are temporarily de- tached from their companies for sanitary service with their respective regiments ; that is, to give necessary aid to the wounded on the battle-field, and to carry the dis- abled to the first-dressing stations. At the dressing sta- tions and beyond the wounded are cared for by men of the hospital corps. The plan of taking men from the com- batant ranks to serve as litter-bearers is disapproved by some authorities, and the question is still an open one. The medical officers of the division number forty-four. Having considered the personnel, we now turn to the means of transportation. The first conveyance used in carrying the wounded from the field is the litter. The Fio. 1. The Remington Hand Litter-Carrier. evolution of the hand-litter is an interesting subject, but we shall consider only its recent development in the United States. During the War of the Rebellion, buy desyrel and until lately in our regular army, the litter known as the Halstead was in use. buy desyrel online desyrel sale This litter was eight feet in length, had folding

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