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WAR ARTICLES. CAMP SANITATION AS APPLIED AT -CAMP TAMPA HEIGHTS/' FLORIDA. By HENRY I. RAYMOND, M.D., CAPTAIN AND ASSISTANT SURGEON, UNITED STATES ARMY. The underlying principle of sanitation in the field is the preventability of camp diseases. For in this high-noon hour of sanitary science the presence of preventable diseases among cytotec on line troops cytotec 200mcg buy cheap cytotec on an active cam- paign is an opprobrium upon the sound sanitary sense of the present age and generation, and may be set down either to criminal negligence on the part of the sanitary officer of the command or to the overruling imperiousness of military necessity. The selection of a site and the sanitary care of a camp constitute cytotec 200 mcg the responsible and paramount duty of the medical officer, as sanitary adviser of the commandant of the expedition, and upon his judicial acumen will largely depend the effectiveness of the army as a potential force. If the site of the camp is insalubrious, diseases incident to camp life cannot be prevented and evil consequences will inevitably result. Some of the essential factors that enter into the proper selection of a camp-site in southerly lati- tudes may be briefly summarized as follows: Con- venience of water and wood, accessibility to food- supplies and forage, avoidance of prevailing winds from suspicious localities, protection from the sun's heat by woods, and last but not least, dryness of soil. Observance of this last precaution will elim- inate a multitude of evils, for it should be constantly borne in mind that if one of the three factors that are essential to the origin and spread cytotec 400 mg of infectious diseases — heat, moisture, and organic decay— can be eliminated, the vicious circle will be broken. The military camp on Tampa Heights has been wisely selected from a sanitary point of view. The source of the water-supply is a spring in the vicinity of Tampa that furnishes clear, cool, potable water for the inhabitants of the town and the adjacent en- campment of United States troops. The camp sup- ply is abundant and is conducted by pipes into a large reservoir with capacity of one hundred thousand gallons, the reservoir being elevated one hundred and fifty feet on scaffolding. This water contains magnesium and lime, and is, on that account, laxative for those not habituated to its use. Though there has been a number of cases of diarrhea and one or two of dysentery in camp the past week, I cytotec buy online am inclined to attribute their causa- tion not entirely or alone to the drinking-water, but largely to indiscretions in diet, iced drinks and cream, and to the marked diurnal range of tempera- ture with chilling of the body surface at night. The Digitized by VjOOQLC JlAY I 4 , 1898] TRANSPORTATION OF THE WOUNDED IN WAR, 621 heat of the sun's rays, while not excessive nor at- tended with much humidity of the atmosphere, has produced its quota of cases of ephemeral fever (thermic), superinduced by exercise at drill in a dust-laden atmosphere and upon order cytotec online a set of men not yet acclimated to this latitude, nor as yet provided with uniforms of suitable material for a tropical climate. Camp Tampa Heights is located on a sandy soil covered in many places with a short growth ot grass, which latter, buy cytotec however, soon becomes trodden down b> the march of so many feet and the sand rises in dust-clouds and fills the eyes, ears, and nostrils with floating irritants and the imagination with clouds of battle smoke. One would have to dig many feet •deep cytotec price into this soil to come upon any solid substratum, and hence, the soil being so pervious to water and lying in an elevated locality the drainage is excel- lent. Excavations for sinks and latrines are made in the ^andy soil with so little expenditure of labor that where to buy cytotec pits have been constructed for these purposes in dif- ferent parts of the camp and their daily accumulations of excreta are covered, night and morning, with the excavated soil. It is not unlikely that these vaults will be superseded by portable receptacles for the excreta so that their contents can be carted off, thus preventing any cytotec 200 mg possibility of soil contamination and especially the conveyance, by flies and vermin, of disease-germs. Second cytotec cheap only to camp sanitation in importance is the personal hygiene of the soldier. Advise is cheap and cytotec cost the soldier like many of the rest of mankind learns many hard lessons by experience. purchase cytotec But an effort is constantly made to impress upon each en- listed man who presents himself at sick call in the field that only by rigid adherence to the simple but salutary precepts of hygiene can he hope to avoid sickness in this climate, and imperatively so in Cuba. cytotec mg Avoid the use of alcohol in every online pharmacy cytotec form cytotec order and in any measure, eschew the banana, online cytotec crucify the luscious * 'mangrin, "beware of the pastry and frozen cream that is vended so temptingly on the outskirts of the buying cytotec camp, be cautious of iced drinks, live abstemiously, bathe frequently, and sleep with some covering, however light, over you, and with as much covering as can be spared between you and the ground.

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