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Spleen. — Enlarged; weight, two pounds. Regu- lar in contour. Capsule thickened. Tissue firm and solid, light purple in color. Adrenals. — Negative. Kidneys. — Weight, five ounces each. Capsules were rough and adherent. Cortex thin and irregu- lar. Markings indistinct and irregular. Tissue firm. Cut surface somewhat combivent coupons granular. Perivascular connective tissue combivent inhaler coupon considerably increased. Bladder. — Small; it contained a small amount of clear, light- colored urine. Mucous membrane normal. Pancreas. — Small; the tissue was firm and light pink in color. Stomach. — The stomach was small buy combivent and its peri- FlG. X. V-v&*$- W Showing the superior and anterior surfaces of the stomach mu- cosa. (A) Pyloris. combivent inhaler coupons (#) Entrance of esophagus. (C-C) Area adher- ent to and detached with the liver. (D) Large nodule, with ulcer- ated cap. (£) Small nodule removed for microscopic examination. (F) Strip detached from cheap combivent border of C~C. toneal coat smooth. Just to the right of the esoph- ageal entrance this organ was adherent to the in- ferior surface of the left lobe of the liver over an area about combivent nebulizer three-fourths of an inch combivent inhaler price in diameter. On attempting to separate combivent udv these adhesions, the wall of the stomach over this area came away attached to the liver. The portion so detached was found to present simply an area of dense cicatricial tissue. On incising the combivent inhaler stomach the area of adhesions was found to be surrounded on the internal surface by a circle of nodular masses, varying in size from half an combivent mdi inch to combivent inhalers an inch and a half in diameter. Similar nodules were found scattered over combivent coupon the anterior and Digitized by Google May 14, 1898] PRIMARY MULTIPLE SARCOMA OF THE STOMACH. 619 superior surfaces of the organ, and extending to the pylorus, where they buy combivent inhaler nearly occluded the passage, into which they projected in large, fleshy masses, leaving only a narrow tortuous canal into the duo- denum. These nodules were firm, and for the most part combivent neb were covered by the mucous membrane of the stomach. In places the mucous membrane over these masses was eroded and ulcerated, and in such areas the dilated vessels showed evidences of recent hemor- rhage; some of the nodules were surmounted by masses of blood-clot. The cut combivent dosage surface of the nodules was firm and combivent cost somewhat granular, light pink in color, and showed numerous blood-vessels. buy combivent online Connective- tissue stroma was not evident. The mucous mem- brane remained intact over the majority of the masses, which evidently originated in the submucous layers. The posterior and inferior surfaces of the mucosa were mostly free from the growth. The cap- illaries of the mucous membrane were universally congested. The stomach contained a dark, green- ish fluid, evidently largely composed of partly di- gested blood. There was no enlargement of the lymphatics in the region of the stomach, and there were no evidences of inflammation save in the area of adhesions be- fore mentioned, where the process was evidently a very old one. The external scar, the cicatrix on the superior surface of the left lobe of the liver, and the adhe- sions uniting the stomach-wall to the liver, were in almost a straight line. Intestine. — The mucous membrane of the duodenum was slightly congested. Both large and small intes- tine were collapsed, and their mucous membranes were anemic. Cerebral Meninges. — Normal. Brain. — The brain was well formed; the hemi- spheres were symmetric; the convolutions broad and well marked; the sulci deep. The cortical layer of gray matter was deep combivent price and regular. The brain tissue combivent dose was firm, but somewhat edematous. No lesions were evident. Weight of encephalon, two pounds, eight ounces. No new growth beside that in the stomach was found in any part of the body. Microscopic sec- tions of the nodular masses demonstrated that they were composed of small, round-cells, very similar in appearance and size to lymphocytes. The tissue was very compact and cellular. Blood-vessels were numerous, but were mostly of the capillary type, so that the cells were found lying in direct contact with the thin walls. Connective-tissue stroma was pres- ent in small amount, but no regularity of arrange-

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