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croscopic examination of the sputum or of parts removed. Treatment. — The treatment consists of the internal use of creosote or guaiacol; the cleocin iv local application of menthol in olive oil, lactic acid, iodoform, medi- cated cleocin 900 mg steam; careful regulation of the diet, and, finally, the application of suitable hygienic measures. Surgically the arytenoids have cleocin 2 been removed, and from this treatment Krause of Berlin, Heryng of Warsaw, and others in this country, claim gratifying results. In all these cases the question of a change cleocin cream acne of climate must be very carefully considered. That these patients require local treatment, which is rarely at- tainable in cleocin antibiotic the resorts sought out by them, is the main reason for keeping them under observation. Their physical condition often precludes an extended trip, and in advanced cases nothing is gained by sending them away. In cases in which the disease is yet at an early stage, the most important thera- Digitized by Google May 14, 1898] PRIMARY MULTIPLE SARCOMA OF THE STOMACH. 617 peutic remedy is a complete change of surroundings to a climate suited to the physical condition. Not enough stress is laid upon this, for we are apt to mention a locality on very broad general principles without carefully considering the needs of the pa- tient. The physician should know where the proper climate is to cleocin t pads be found, and then, having a knowl- edge of the cleocin suspension nature of the disease and the demands of the case in hand, should render his opinion. Generally speaking, a New Englander will thrive in the Green Mountains, the Adirondacks, or the Catskills, while his warm-blooded Southern brother will improve in the piney woods of North Carolina, or at Aiken, S. C. Others again, do buy cleocin t well far away from the sea, and for these Phoenix, Arizona, or the mountains of Colorado seem to be the most salubri- ous. Southern California has much in its favor for certain patients. It is not enough to select a resort, cleocin suppositories but the habits of life should be carefully regulated. The average mountain home or boarding-house seems to be worse than useless. These places are usually styled "Inns," and are to be found in parts of the country where many tuberculous patients congre- gate. The patient is given a room but lately occupied by another unfortunate, himself in the last stages, and who has probably gone cleocin tablets home to die. Nothing is done to destroy any remaining germs, and the new cleocin t acne occupant is being constantly reinfected. By far the most ideal mode of life is in a cabin made of cleocin phosphate wood and containing a single apartment, or a tent with wooden flooring, and the more solitary it stands the better. A bedstead is readily made by any woodsman from the limbs of trees, and a spring and hair-mattress, with appropriate bedding, com- plete this important part of the domicile. A few other articles of a primitive nature, such as chairs, basins, etc., will be required. An enterprising company in one of the Southern resorts has small wooden dwellings or more preten- tious ones on sale. Life in these little houses is not apt to be so very tedious, and especially if the invalid can arrange to be quite by himself except for a competent guide. The latter, in addition to being a very good cleocin topical gel cook, is huntsman, oarsman, and H Sher- man. He is often quaint and quite a philosopher. His home is in a smaller tent, and an adjacent boarded space gives shelter to his stove, refrigerator, and table. Through the courtesy of one of our most cleocin topical solution distin- guished citizens the writer was enabled to spend a few days in a camp and partake of the joys of out- door life. I cleocin 600 mg trust I may present a brief description for your benefit and also for that of your patients. This camp is on the edge of a beautiful lake in the heart of the Adirondacks, two miles away from any human habitation, and reached by a row-boat after an hour's ride by coach from the station. The wooded hills have pines, firs, and hemlocks in vast numbers, the ground is thickly carpeted with moss and the debris of leaves, the accumulations of cen- turies. Here and there this carpet is trodden a lit- tle more firmly, and is then called a trail. Whether the day's outing be inland to some trout pond which is reached after a long walk through the woods, or a row on the lake with fishing for pastime, or even hunting for game, in season, it is bound to be one of pleasure. The guide knows where cleocin oral to begin cleocin cost to fish, and where the coolest cleocin 100 mg spring of pure water is, and he knows where he may start a fire for dinner. He has brought the necessaries along, and we are called ere long to partake of the meal he has pre- pared, for which the appetite has become fully sharp- ened. While order cleocin online we miss many an essential to fine table service, we do ample justice to the tasty food supplied. Rowing back, and trolling the while for pickerel or bass, we reach camp thoroughly sun- browned and delightfully tired. Supper is soon served and night comes on. Ex- cept for the rustle of the leaves, the occasional hoot

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