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reduced in size. Pericardial effusion may be recognized with the fluoroscope more certainly and readily than hitherto, and the outlines of the pericardial sac, when drawn on where can i buy buspar online the chest, make an excellent guide when tapping the pericardium, should such a procedure be neces- sary. Thoracic aneurism was among the earliest diseases recognized by the buspar 10mg high medical use of the X-ray, and now, an X-ray examination is the accepted way of making or confirming the diagnosis of this disease. Often an aneurism of the thoracic aorta may not be recognized in its early stages by ordinary means of examination and may be overlooked by several ex- buspar 10 mg three times day cellent diagnosticians; also, a very large aneurism may give no definite physical signs. In this con- nection the following case is of interest. Case III. — M. C, was thought by his physician to be suffering from a stricture of the esophagus, and a bougie had been passed every third day for several months. Three weeks before he was sent to me for an X-ray examination the bougie was not used and the symptoms improved. The X-ray examination showed that he had a small aneurism of the thoracic aorta. Let us now briefly consider some of the applica- tions of the X-ray in diseases of the chest other than those of the heart and aorta. In health buspar available generic the lungs are readily traversed by the ray and they buspar 15 mg twice day appear in the fluoroscope as buspar 10mg tab light areas on either side of the back- bone and the heart. average cost buspar The lower portion of the lungs, bounded by the diaphragm, is seen to move up and down through a distance of about half an inch dur- ing quiet breathing, and to descend during full in- spiration to a point about two and one half inches below its level in expiration. There are three prin- cipal ways in which the fluoroscope may lead us to suspect disease in the chest: (i) The appearance of the dark areas which occur in tuberculosis, pneu- monia, carcinoma, diaphragmatic hernia, gangrene of the lungs, and in echinococcus cyst, infarction, pleurisy, empyema, etc., due to the increase in density, which, by obstructing the passage of the ray, diminishes the normal brightness in the chest or changes its normal outlines; (2) the occurrence of abnormal brightness which is generic buspar price found in emphysema and pneumothorax consequent upon decrease in density, which makes the lung area appear lighter than in health as seen in the fluoroscope; (3) the re- buspar cost australia striction of the maximum excursion of the diaphragm and its altered position and curve from that observed in health. The fluoroscope shows that certain changes are characteristic of special diseases. buspar generic problems For example, in tuberculosis I observed nearly two years ago l that the consolidated portion of the lung appeared darker than normal in the fluoroscope; this consolidation buspar generic buspirone usually beginning at the apex of one lung, The ex- pansion of the lung is also reduced, either by changes in itself or in the pleura, and therefore the excursion of the diaphragm downward is diminished during full inspiration, but this muscle is carried up into the thorax as high, or it may be even higher than in health. If a much does buspar cost without insurance patient with tuberculosis is examined from time to time with the fluoroscope buspar 15 mg the pictures presented are usually as follows: (1) The apex or* one lung is darker, as already stated; the clavicle and upper ribs are less marked on the diseased than on the normal side; the darker area extends more and more as the disease progresses, and finally may cover nearly all the space occupied by one lung, so that no ribs or other outlines are 45 mg buspar seen on the affected side. Before this latter condition develops the apex of the other lung begins to darken and this area continues to extend. The diminishing excursion of who makes generic buspar the dia- phragm, which is also a characteristic feature of this 1 See "Notes on X-Rays in Medicine," Transactions 0/ the As- sociation of American buspar 30 mg high Physicians % April, 1896. Digitized 1090. by Google May 14, 1898] X-RAY IN MEDICINE. 613 disease, may likewise be observed, and sometimes may be the earliest sign of an abnormaLcondition of the lung. In this connection the following case is of interest: Case IV. — B. F., a woman forty-six years old, with bronchitis, was a patient in my service at the Boston City Hospital in February, 1897. The only evidence of other disease of the lung was the diminished ex- cursion of the diaphragm. This moved only one and a quarter inches buspar 15 mg high on the left side (which is much less than normal, and was higher in the chest than in health), but buspar 10mg pills full two inches on the right side. She was discharged from do you need a prescription for buspar the hospital March 4, 1897, but was readmitted into another service during De- cember of the same year. At this time the signs on auscultation and percussion were indefinite, but bacilli were present in the sputum; on January 5th, 1898, I examined her again with the fluoroscope, which showed that the whole left apex, and to a less extent the right apex, was darker than normal and

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