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cutting operation necessary. Hysterical patients he avapro coupons ob- served may develop a tubercular joint, but changes in the cord do not occur from hysteria and besides, hysterical spine is easily diagnosticated as it bears no resemblance whatever to deformity as a result of disease. The following officers were elected for the coming year: President, Dr. W. W. Keen of Philadelphia. First Vice-president, Dr. A. Vandeveer of Albany. Second Vice-president Dr. C. H. Mastin of Mobile. Secretary, Dr. H. L. Burrell of Boston. Recorder, Dr. DeForest Willard of Philadelpha. Digitized by Google 6o8 THERAPEUTIC HINTS. [Medical Niwt Treasurer, Dr. G. R. Fowler of Brooklyn. Delegate to the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Dr. Wm. M. Mastin; Alternate, Dr. F. H. Gerrish of Portland, Maine. Place of next meeting, Chicago. 111. ; date to be determ- ined later. REVIEWS. Traits de Medicine et de Therapeutique. Par P. Bronardel et A. Gilbert. Tome, 4me. Paris: J. B. Bailliere et fils, 1897. This volume of the system of medicine, avapro coupon edited by Bronardel and Gilbert, deals with the diseases of the digestive tract and of the peritoneum. While in the main the articles are carefully written and show scientific re- search, there is very little uniformity in the method of treatment. This fault is, of course, to be ascribed to be a necessary consequence of system works. While some of the authors show a fair acquaintance with general sci- entific literature, a few show a wonderful lack of this, especially of work done by English and German writers. Worthy of praise are the chapters on diseases of the stomach by Hayem and Lion, diseases of avapro 75 mg the intestine by Galliard, although the article on appendicitis in this chap- ter is quite primitive. Dupres chapter on the diseases of the peritoneum avapro vs diovan is classic and deserves special recogni- tion, not only for the careful and painstaking historic introduction, but for the amount of critical observation and clinical experience which he brings to bear upon his work. Constipation in Adults and Children; with Special Reference losartan vs avapro to Habitual Constipation and Its Most Successful Treatment by the Mechanical Methods. By H. Illoway, M.D. New York: The Macmillan Co., 1897. To write a book of avapro classification avapro cost 500 pages with over 100 avapro price illustrations upon the commonplace subject of constipation, may ap- order avapro online pear to many as a waste of paper ; but certainly, no one who carefully reads what the author has to say upon his subject order avapro will find fault with him for saying too much. Evidently there has been no attempt to condense the ma- terial, and cases are cited and illustrations used with the greatest freedom ; but the end aimed at is accomplished, and the reader will lay down this interesting book with a much wider knowledge of the physiology and pathology of defecation than he ever possessed before. The treatment of constipation in the adult due to atony, occupies about one-fifth of the avapro recall entire work, and in the chapters devoted to it are given in detail the various movements recommended by different masseurs avapro 10 mg to restore the normal peristaltic mo- tion avapro discount card of the bowels. Some of these are decidedly fanciful, and at the close of this part of the subject the author himself says : ** It will, of course, be readily understood that all the manipulations here described are not needed in all cases. • . . However, the physician — and I hold that massage is as much his province as the avapro avalide setting of a fracture or the application of electricity — should buy cheap avapro familiarize himself with most and, if possible, with all of the manipulations here de- scribed, and be prepared to make them. . . • With mas- sage, just as with medicine, avapro tablet in chronic cases, avapro generic alternative a change from time to time in form and mode of administration is of the greatest advantage." avapro generic name At the beginning three treatments a week are advised, and after six weeks or a longer time if need be, the num- ber is gradually avapro alternatives reduced. Swedish movements, both free and resisted, passive movements, hydrotherapy, and elec- tricity are also described in detail. The book is an eminently practical one, and ought to assist physicians to cure constipation by removing its cause. By reason of the profuse illustrations, it is easy to understand the performance of the different movements of massage and gymnastics recommended. THERAPEUT

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