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Morning Session. starting allopurinol Dr. W. S. Halsted of Baltimore read a paper, en- titled operative treatment of carcinoma of the breast. After fully discussing a large number of cases seen and operated upon and giving the statistics of the results for the past nine years at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, the author at length and in detail referred to the rare, undescribed, cancerous tumors of the breast, to the relative malignancy of the various breast cancers, to the frequency, signifi- cance and treatment of cancerous supraclavicular glands, after which he spoke in detail of the operations themselves as performed by him and his assistant. Dr. Charles B. Nancrede of Ann buy allopurinol online Arbor said that he was impressed by the large number of cases of cancer of the breast occurring under thirty- five years of age, and that he had had a limited experience of between 200 and 300 cases. As an example, he cited the case of a young girl who was operated upon by him last winter, in the early part of her twenty-fifth year, and who unquestion- ably had allopurinol brand names the same tumor in her nineteenth year. He in- Digitized by Google May 7, 1898] AMERICAN SURGICAL ASSOCIATION. 603 quired if any one's experience coincided with his as to the large allopurinol brand name number of cases occurring under the age of thirty. Dr. Roswell Park of Buffalo asked what Dr. Hal- sted's teachings were with regard to endothelioma. Dr. M. H. Richardson of Boston spoke of the good work done by Dr. Halsted in the past on the above sub- ject, and remarked that he had allopurinol online noticed and observed many cases where there had been no infection of the axil- lary glands. He referred to two cases in which order allopurinol he had made a diagnosis of a tumor merely upon the symptom of pain. He believed there was usually early recurrence of cases where the axillary glands were affected. In what is allopurinol 300 mg re- ferring to the value of gross appearances he commented on a case where the microscopic appearance did not at all agree with the diagnosis although the clinical appearance proved its correctness. In his opinion he did not consider a case as cured in three years, as he had seen recurrences in from seven to ten years. Dr. allopurinol uk J. D. Bryant of New York stated that he had found enlarged glands in the axilla in some cases allopurinol tablets 100mg where the increase in size was not sufficient to warrant the be- lief that the glands were infected until a microscopic ex- amination had been made. He strongly commented on the fact that patients possessing a morbid growth allopurinol pharmacology would allopurinol cost not only keep the fact to themselves allopurinol 50 mg but were encouraged in so doing by their allopurinol iv physicians. Dr. J. McFadden Gaston of Atlanta spoke on the occasional spontaneous disappearance of carcinomatous formation, and concluded his remarks by inquiring if con- stitutional measures employed allopurinol 150 mg synchronously had been observed to have any effect. Dr. Roswell Park continued his discussion by tell- ing that he had for several years been collecting data on the subject of the spontaneous disappearance of tumors, and was quite anxious allopurinol rxlist to get as much information as pos- sible, and desired to hear different opinions expressed on the subject. Dr. Rudolph Matas of New Orleans gave a full synopsis of twenty-seven cases operated upon for ma- lignant disease of the breast or its immediate vicinity, which cases had come under his personal notice between the years of 1887 and 1898. All of these, with one ex- ception, were in women, there were no fatalities from operative allopurinol 20 mg causes. Eleven of these patients are living and well, and there has been only three recurrences. In two cases death resulted from accidental causes not connected with the operation. In performing these oper- ations two excisions were made, eight gross operations and seventeen complete (Halsted and Meyer) operations. One case which survived two years died finally from meta- static cancer of the uterus. The man operated upon is still living, eight years after the operation, and is free from local allopurinol generic name recurrence. The speaker then referred to fifteen complete operations performed since November, 1894, and spoke at length of the results bearing on all the de- tails. In conclusion, he gave a history of five cases that are living without recurrences after complete operation. Dr. F. H. Gerrish of Portland, Maine, alluded to the excellent work done by Dr. Halsted, and referred to the fact that the text-books contain scarcely anything bearing on the subject of this paper. He then commented on the cost of allopurinol various operations that had been performed and showed how step by step the present method was arrived at. He considered as one of the most important points the necessity of the removal of all mammary tumors whether benign or malignant. He laid great emphasis upon the thoroughness with which operations should be performed and the length of time required to do them. After discussing the hopefulness of the prognosis in these cases at the present time, he brand name for allopurinol referred to the fact that many cases alluded to in the author's paper would, until recent years, have been regarded as absolutely unfit for operation.

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