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Digitized by Google 602 AMERICAN SURGICAL ASSOCIATION. [Medical News At the session of March 2d, Below discussed the present position of electric-light therapy. An institute in Berlin, arranged for this purpose, has apparatus of two kinds, that for giving light baths and that for exposing patients to rays of light. The idea rests upon the fact that artificial light like sunlight causes sweating. Patients suffering from muscular rheumatism, skin diseases, etc., when given an electric bath, that is when brought into a small chamber and exposed to about fifty incandescent lights, will lose by sweating in fifteen minutes about two pounds weight. The chamber is kept at a temperature of 45 to 50 C. (1 buy cheap aldactone 1 3 to 1 22 F.) and cold compresses are used to avoid cerebral congestion. A douche of luke- warm water followed by packing in cold wet cloths and kneading of the whole body completes the treatment. Sometimes the heat rays are extracted by letting the light pass through blue glass or through ice-water. At this institution buy cheap spironolactone there were aldactone order treated in about a year 122 patients, of whom 67 were cured, 36 were improved, and 19 aldactone 25 mg were not benefited. No effect was noted in the generic aldactone case of benign or malignant tumors, in alopecia, in atrophy of the optic nerve, nor in cataract. The best results were seen in lupus, in ulcers of aldactone mg various sorts, in syphilis, and in aldactone online mus- cular rheumatism. Eczema was also favorably influenced. Considering the well-known influence of light upon plant life, it is surprising that so little attention has been paid to it in medicine. Experiments have shown that under the influence of light, animals discharge carbon dioxid and take up oxygen more rapidly than they do if kept cheap aldactone in the dark. Furthermore, strong light is known to be possessed of marked bactericidal power. Koch has shown this to be true of sunlight in connection with the tubercle bacilli. Kitasato, in connection with the recent epidemic plague in India, found that the plague bacilli were de- stroyed in three or four hours by direct sunlight. The effect of buy spironolactone the light bath is different from that of an or- dinary sweating, such as that caused by steam. It is accomplished even without a high temperature of the chamber and with far less excitement of the heart than is the case in an ordinary Turkish bath. The freedom of dark races in tropical countries from many of the diseases to which fairer skinned people easily fall prey, is attributed to the favorable influence of the sunlight extending over many generations. It is mentioned that purchase aldactone online the natives order aldactone online buy spironolactone online of Haiti, if aldactone 50 mg attacked by syphilis, bury themselves in the sand and lie for days exposed to buy aldactone online the sun, drinking meanwhile a tea made from sarsapanlla and other herbs. After some weeks they entirely recover from the disease without other treatment than this sweat-cure produced by air, light, water, and sand. The institute established in Berlin is working to determine the amount of benefit which may be derived from the use of light as a therapeutic agent in various diseases. From the discussion which followed the reading of this paper, it was evident that the subject is one which has excited a great deal of interest among physicians in Berlin, though they do not accept Below's views altogether re- garding the usefulness of the light baths. Behrend said that he did not consider the lupus pa- tients presented as by any means cured of their diseases, because no person could be said to be free from lupus, as long as there was any redness to be seen in the infected area when the skin was stretched or pressed. He also disagreed with the reader when he said that the severest forms of syphilis can be cured by light- or sweat- baths. Such purchase aldactone experimentation with a disease of the gravity of syphilis when we possess against it the absolutely reliable remedies of mercury and iodid, should be denounced in the strongest terms. Senator aldactone price warned against the inference that electric lights can cure disease, because a tropical sun and hot sand baths do so. Such an instance is a recommenda- tion for the use of sand baths, not electric baths. Munter said that he had had a very large experience with patients treated by sweat-baths, etc., for aldactone buy a variety of troubles, and that he had never seen a case of un- doubted syphilis, cured without the use of either mercury or iodid. The early symptoms' will disappear without any treatment at all, in many cases, but it is in just these ap- parently light cases, that the severe, late, nervous symp- toms appear, unless there is a thorough treatment with medicine in the beginning. He saw aldactone cost in electric baths aldactone tablets a very decided advantage over the other methods of sweat- ing, since they are able to accomplish their object without great increase of the pulse and temperature. In many diseases this is most important, especially so in nervous, cardiac, or nephritic affections. SOCIETY PROCEEDINGS. AMERICAN SURGICAL ASSOCIA TIOM. Nineteenth Annual Meeting* Held at New Orleans, April iq % 20, and 2t t iSqS, (Continued from page 570.) Second Day— April 20th.

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