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is estimated that the various hospitals of this city possess facilities for the care of about 2000 troops. The only re- lief organization which exists here, with the exception of the Red Cross Society, is the Pennsylvania Sanitary Com- mission, which was formed this week at a conference of a number of prominent Pennsylvanians with Governor Hastings. This commission will be conducted along the lines which were so successful throughout the War of the Rebellion, and is intended to succor the sick and wounded during the war, and to bring home and bury the bodies of the dead. The organization is to be sustained entirely by voluntary contributions, which have already begun to be received in generous sums. At the last meeting of the Medico-Legal Society, held April 26th, the committee on hospital abuses presented an exhaustive report of their investigations of this sub- ject, which was adopted by the society as a basis for fu- ture procedure along this line. albenza 200 mg The report recommended, among other things, that the medical profession of Penn- generic albenza sylvania should use its influence to secure the passage of a legislative act regulating the government of hospitals and institutions of the State, buy albenza online and also regulating the ap- propriations of State money to such institutions ; that the medical albendazole albenza profession of Philadelphia should use its influence to limit to those unable to pay for medical attendance the free dispensation of medical treatment; buy albenza that in all hospitals private pay patients should be allowed to desig- nate their medical attendant irrespective of his connection with the medical staff of the hospital ; that scientific clin- ical medical instruction should be fostered and enhanced by the conservation order albenza online of established and rational charitable measures ; that a rearrangement of the medical charities of Philadelphia is urgently demanded, and that this re- arrangement should be effected with due regard to the topographical conditions which buy cheap albenza prevail. The society further recommended that the views thus expressed be communicated to the rural county medical societies and to the State Medical Society, and finally adopted the somewhat radical measure requesting the Philadelphia County Medical Society to pass a resolution pledging its members to refuse to accept any position with a charitable institution made vacant by the resignation purchase albenza online or discharge of the former incumbent on account of adhering to any measures of reform endorsed by the local county organi- zation. At the last meeting of the Section on General Surgery of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Dr. M. L. Maduroof New York, whose article upon this subject in the Medical News was the first to appear in this country, gave a valuable account of his personal experience in the anesthetization of 100 cases with the petroleum- ether method of Schleich. In the formulas given by him it has been the author's object to obtain mixtures whose boiling- points are about that of the body temperature, inasmuch as the experiments of Schleich have shown that the nearer the temperature of the anesthetic approaches the temper- ature of the body the more effective and the less danger- ous is the narcosis produced. W. C. Robinson, the chemist of the Philadelphia purchase albenza Board of Health, has recently called attention to the introduc- tion of formaldehyd as a milk preservative, as a substi- tute for other more easily detected chemicals like boric acid or salicylic acid. This new adulterant is now being widely advertised in the local market, and it is presumed that it is extensively employed. The city milk inspectors have been ordered to be albenza tablets on the lookout for this latest adulter- ant, and have received instructions for detecting its presence in milk. They advocate that suspected samples of milk be treated with small quantities of a mixture of sulphuric acid and ferric chlorid, which albenza cost produce even with a very weak solution of formaldehyd a distinct purplish-violet reac- tion. albenza 400mg The test is an absolute one, Mr. Robinson claims, and should simplify the detection of this formerly consid- ered undetected chemical. By the will of late Dr. order albenza Oliver A. Judson, $1000 is left to the College of Physicians can you buy albendazole over counter of Philadelphia, to be held in perpetuity, the interest can i get albendazole over the counter of this sum as cheap albenza often as it amounts to albenza online $100, is to be offered as a prize for the best original essay on "The Practical Prevention of Disease." The late Anne L. Garesche, who recently died in this city, has bequeathed to the Pennsylvania Hospital the sum of about $50,000, to be applied to the endowment fund of this institution. The donor also made a rever- sionary bequest of her residuary estate upon the death of three legatees. The Chester County Hospital at West Chester has been tendered a gift of $10,000 by the Rev. W. L. Bull, for the purpose of founding a training-school for nurses. The building for this purpose mebendazole albendazole over counter will be immediately erected upon plans already in possession of the managers. Dr. John M. Guiteras of the University of Pennsyl- vania has been called upon by the Government to take charge of the sanitary conditions of the camps and troops at Tampa, Florida. Dr. Guiteras has accepted the call, and is to have general charge of the safeguarding of the Amer- ican troops from the infectious diseases to which they are exposed in Southern climates. TRANSACTIONS OF FOREIGN SOCIETIES. Berlin. COMBINED CYSTOSCOPE AND URETERAL CATHETER — ELECTRIC LIGHT AS A THERAPEUTIC AGENT. At a session of the Medical Society, February 9th, Frank showed a cystoscope adapted for irrigation of the bladder and catheterization of the ureters. A catheter designed for the ureter is passed through a tube in the instrument until its end appears in the lighted field. By means of a screw the tip of the catheter can then be bent in any direction so that it can be slipped without difficulty into the mouth of the ureter. The parts of the instru- ment designed for catheterization and irrigation may be sterilized by boiling, but the cystoscope proper will not stand hot water. It may albenza price be sterilized by formalin gas. Numerous trials of this instrument upon living patients have demonstrated that it can be introduced easily and painlessly. There is further no difficulty in the withdrawal of the instrument while leaving the ureteral catheter in position, if desired.

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