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the celebrated restaurants. After the feast the meeting was called to order by the President, and a discussion took place upon the question of the treatment of fractures of the spine. In the evening there was a grand reception given by the Polyclinic to the physicians of New Orleans to meet the members of the American Surgical Associ- ation. Friday morning most of the members took their departure, and all with the greatest feelings of gratitude to those who had done so much to make the meeting a notable success. To Dr. Souchon and to Dr. Matas, the Committee of Arrangements, the association feels deeply its sense of gratitude for all these gentlemen did to make the meeting a most interesting one. Some of the members returned by the Yazoo & Missis- sippi Valley route, stopping over at Vicksburg. Here they were met by Mr. Murray Smith, the attorney for the Illi- nois Central road. Mr. Smith escorted the party over this historic town and explained to them the changes of the river bed, and gave a most interesting talk upon the inci- dents connected with the War. To him the entire party felt exceedingly grateful for the vivid actos online description of the battle scenes with which he was familiar, and for the elo- quent manner in which he portrayed the leading events of the War. The Yazoo Valley is a wonderful farming district. It extends from the bluffs at Memphis to Vicksburg, a dis- tance of 218 miles, and is bounded on one side by the Mississippi River and upon actos 30 mg the other by the Yazoo Moun- tain range. In this belt of land the soil possesses inex- haustible fertility. This valley district is on the northern limit of the cotton belt, and the southern boundary of the wheat and corn belts. In addition to the actos price fact that all crops that will grow in the temperate zone will flourish here in abundance, the climate is phenomenal. In this valley there is only a variation of 80 degrees the entire year, while in Illinois it is nearly 120 degrees, and in Dakota still greater. This even temperature enables the farmer to have order actos online his crops protected from frost 1 79 days in the year, and permits him to work out of doors the entire fifty-two weeks. The death-rate in this actos tablets valley actos generic name is very low. price of actos In the State of Mississippi it is actos cost only purchase actos online 12.89 f° r each looo, while in Missouri and Tennessee it is over 16 per 1000. Fruits of all kinds are found to grow in rich profusion in this district. The Illinois Central Railroad is offering every facility to people to settle actos 15 mg in this district, and no country offers such advantages to those who are agricultur- ally inclined and who desire a rich country, a uniform climate, and a healthful home. The generic actos one great drawback which the South is laboring un- der is the shot-gun quarantine, but the Atlanta Convention has framed regulations which will do away with this barbaric method and give to the country cost of actos immunity from the ravages order actos of yellow fever. The American Surgical As- sociation did a wise thing when it placed its stamp of ap- proval upon the quarantine regulations recently formulated by the Atlanta Convention. This it did in the passage of appropriate resolutions offered by Dr. Souchon. OUK PHILADELPHIA LETTER. [From oar Special Correspondent 1 PREPARATIONS IN MEDICAL CIRCLES FOR THE WAR — RESOLUTIONS OF THE MEDICO-LEGAL SOCIETY REGARDING DISPENSARY ABUSE — DR. MADURO OF NEW YORK ADVOCATES THE SCHLEICH METHOD OF ANESTHESIA BEFORE THE COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS — FORMALDEHYD AS A MILK PRESERVATIVE AND ADULTERANT — BEQUESTS TO PHILADELPHIA INSTI- TUTIONS — DR. JOHN M. GUITERAS AT THE SERVICE OF THE GOVERNMENT. Philadelphia, May actos buy online 2, 1898. Preparations for the war are conspicuous in the medical circles of Philadelphia. Scarcely a hospital in the city has failed to offer the use of its wards and of its medical actos 45 mg and nursing staffs to the Government, and hun- dreds of medical men and nurses are falling over one another in the mad buy cheap actos rush to enroll their names in the list of volunteers in the medical departments of the army and navy. The Red Cross Society's headquarters is the scene of a similar scramble for places, and the list of nurses and hospital attendants cheap actos who are anxious to see service "at the front," must be, by this time, sufficient for the needs of half a dozen conflicts between first-class military powers. The homeopaths, too, have joined in the contest of patriotism — and official positions in the country's pay. Altogether, what a pathetic commentary upon the vicissitudes of the lives of doctors and nurses this actos mg spectacle furnishes ! As yet, no definite steps have been taken by the War Department for the care in local hospitals of the sick and wounded troops, but in the event of generic for actos active hostilities, which now seem imminent, this city will no doubt be an important center for the care of Digitized by IVJU' JA- May 7, 1898] TRANSACTIONS OF FOREIGN SOCIETIES. 601 invalided soldiers, just as it was during the Civil War. It

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